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Author Topic: WTS:Fanime 2012 Swap Meet Goods Left Overs [Last Update: 6/2/2012]  (Read 1003 times)

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Here's my leftovers from the Swap Meet.
I'm willing to make a deal for most of these.

I accept Paypal, and will ship via USPS Priority Mail.
I can also list it on eBay if you're not comfortable with only Paypal.
...I probably will list them on eBay eventually though. lol

Could also meet up for a sale/trade.
Preferably at the convention center.
Where Fanime was hosted. :D
More around the Marriott entrance side.

Any questions or offers, feel free. =O
Or send me a message.

Video Games
They all range from GOOD to EXCELLENT CONDITION unless specified. Really. :D

-Bart Vs. The World [Complete in Box. :D]
-Bart Vs. the Space Mutants [ALMOST complete, no manual. x_x]

-NBA Jam Tournament Edition [Cartridge Only] -$10
-Battle Grand Prix [Cartridge Only]

-Super Bomber 4 [Complete in Box] -
-Fatal Fury Special [Complete in Box] -
-Art of Fighting 2 [Complete in Box] -
-Super Bomberman Panic [Complete in Box] -

-Goldeneye [Cartridge Only]

-Tales of Symphonia [Factory Sealed]

-Strider 2 [Discs and Manual Only]
-Suikoden 2 [Complete]
-Fade to Black [Complete, 1st Generation PS1 Box]
-Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [Complete... Like new. Seriously.]

-SNK Vs. Capcom 2 EO [Complete]
-Shining Force Neo [Two, One is Factory Sealed and the other is Used but Complete]
-Magna Carta Premium Box Set [Factory Sealed]
-Suikoden III [Complete]
-Tales of the Abyss [Factory Sealed]

-Street Fighter: The Ties that Bind [Factory Sealed]

-Battle Royale [Complete Vol. 1-15, Vol. 10-15 are Factory Sealed. NOT the Ultimate Edition. :D]

Things I'm looking for, trade or buy...
-Mars Matrix [Dreamcast]
-Any NES and/or SNES Contra game...
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