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Author Topic: The "Agency" EP 3 "Watch out its a TRAP!" (looking for casts)  (Read 878 times)

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I duno if this is the right place to post this but i go!

Alright! This is a bit too early to post this but i am organized with a plan, so here it goes. In 2013 Fanime is going to be location for my short film (5 eps) called the "Agency"

more info here (

Me and my crew wont cause any rukus or any misdemeanors. But there is one thing that we would like, we need bystanders, people who are willing to get in front of the cameras for each of the scenes. You arent to do anything but to act normal, more details will be posted on the group wall. If you are interested in being a cast please post under our page or here and a fb msg or PM will be sent to you as soon as possible with more details and information.

Teaser Trailer: (coming soon)

EP 0:"The "Agent" (Release date September 15th, 2012)
Ep 1- Aki Con, Ep Name: "First Day on the Job" (Release date: December 1st, 2012)
Ep 2- Sakura con, Ep Name: "The Beginning of the End" (Release date: April 27th, 2013)
Ep 3- Fanime, Ep Name: "Watch out its a TRAP!" (TBA *still looking for casts*)
Ep 4- Anime Revolution, Ep name "That is out of our JURISDICTION!" (TBA *still looking for Casts*)
Ep 5- Anime Expo, Ep Name: "A Second Chance" (TBA *still looking for casts*)
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