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Author Topic: WTS: Costume - NAS Deepeyes Armor from Final Fantasy: Spirits Within  (Read 3140 times)

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I'm looking to sell my Nightmare Armor Studios (NAS) "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" Deepeyes costume.

These are images of ANOTHER copy of the same costume by NAS.  I will post of photos of my actual suit when I can pull it out of storage.  Aside from some minor differences (The shoulders are red on my suit and I had to do some light repair work on mine), this is exactly what you'll be getting, including the rifle.

Nightmare Armor Studios no longer produces this suit.  They valued it at $5000 (overpriced, as admitted by one NAS member).

I'm looking to sell it for $3000.  Or make an offer.  Trades are acceptable.

You must be within the SF Bay Area or LA so I can deliver it to you.  The shipping on this thing is ridiculous.
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