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Author Topic: Ask The Dancestors *Homestuck panel* ACCEPTED  (Read 1880 times)

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Ask The Dancestors *Homestuck panel* ACCEPTED
« on: February 18, 2013, 07:28:07 PM »

Hey there everyone, Jaidin here!

So, every panel I’ve done for homestuck people ask me if they can submit a Dancestor audition! I’ve always had to say “no” because with 8 kids and 12 trolls, we took up a lot of space! So I decided to take a different route for Fanime! And so, I bring you

Ask The Dancestors!

Thats right, a panel featuring the Dancestors! Hosted by Kankri (me) and Meenah! So here’s who we have: (the panel will be MONDAY, 10AM-11AM sorry ‘bout the day, but it was all they had left!)








Who we need:






We probably will not include Dirk, Jane, Roxy, or Jake because theyve had little to no interaction with the trolls at this point.

This MIGHT change later. Maybe not

How to auditon:

Answer these questions;

1. Which character would you be interested in?
2. Could you please provide images/pictures of your character?
3. Which outfit would you be doing? (canon only!)
4. Would you please either provide a reaction video or RP post for these following questions or prompts? (Please answer 3-5 of these)
I. Someone in the audience, against their better judgement, asks you about buckets. How would you respond? (we dont like these questions, but they happen)
II. Your character comes face-to-face with The Huss. What would you do?
III. You have just suffered a mortal wound at the hands of a foe, friend, frienemy, or by a fault of your own. What happened? How would you respond as your character?
IV. What pet-peeve do you have for your character that is constantly played upon by fanart, RPers, Tumblr, or by the fandom in general? (Examples: People using “Fuckass” for Karkles or people making Eridan needy/clingy) (this doesnt have to be in-character)
V. Do you have an unpopular, original, or uncommon headcanon for your character? What is it? (this doesnt have to be in-character)
VI. Your best friend/moirail (if your character lacks one, then choose either a past moirail/best friend or one that you ship with your character, as moirails/best friends) is holding a large beast at bay, allowing you to escape. If one or both of you went against this beast it would mean certain death. What would your character do? Leave them? Trade places? Stay with them?
VII. Your least favourite character (must be a hero) has expressed their interest in your character, in a red sort of way. React.
VIII. Your character has discovered Tumblr and the Homestuck fandom. How would they react?
IX. New update. Homestuck was just a dream. React.
X. An audience member has asked for a “glomp”. You are given no definition to its meaning, how would your character react?
5. What vlog, panel, ask blog, or other experience do you have? (Doesnt have to be Homestuck, just need to be sure youre quick on your feet!)
6. How far into Homestuck are you? (You dont need to be 100% up-to-date, but we ask that you be at least past act 5, since thats the “holy gog this is long” portion of Homestuck, which gives you a few months to be up-to-date~)
7. What could you suggest for the panel, activities-wise?


Either SUBMIT]]SUBMITme a text reply to your audition or a link to a youtube video! You can also FACEBOOK ME]]FACEBOOK ME the info.

IF you do a text submission, you must include WIP (atleast 75% finished) or a finished cosplay picture. If you do a video audition, you may do it OUT OF COSPLAY or IN COSPLAY, but if you do it out of cosplay, please include pictures. (you may also PM me the auditon on fanime forums, but tumblr and FB are faster)



This panel will be a QUESTION AND ANSWER FORMAT. There will be a prize in the form of a RED SMUPPET.


That is all uvu
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Re: Ask The Dancestors *Homestuck panel* OFFICIAL
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2013, 11:40:43 PM »

We got accepted! Auditions open


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Re: Ask The Dancestors *Homestuck panel* ACCEPTED
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2013, 07:40:11 AM »

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