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Started by Redfield, May 26, 2013, 11:52:25 PM

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Figured one of these should probably exist.

Shout-out to the little blonde girl in the red dress and black mask at the B&W Ball tonight- Jesse, was it? - You danced with my friend for a good 3-4 songs and it made her night infinitely better.



shout out to the ezreal awesome dude!!


shout out to the girl in light pink hair with school outfit and a katana, you're so cute, and awesome cosplay. I saw you alot around the con and you seem always alone, i wanted to talk to you but i didn't have the courage to, now i regret this

I think you were working for fanime too, i believe you had a purple staff badge or something named Persephone. Well I hope you had a nice con!


Quote from: ThisNameDoesntFi on May 27, 2013, 02:07:50 PM
shout out to the girl in light purple hair with school outfit and a katana, you're so cute. I saw you alot around the con and you seem always alone, i wanted to talk to you but i didn't have the courage to, now i regret this

I think you were working for fanime too, i believe you had a purple staff badge or something. Well I hope you had a nice con!

I'm pretty sure you described the one I saw too. Shout out here from Luke Fon Fabre :D. Kick ass outfit and Katana!

And also to the Guy Cecil I saw Monday. Couldn't find one during Fanime till the final day!

And also to the random girl who hugged me and snuck a Pocky in my scabbard xD!


Blonde girl in the TMNT outfit on Sunday. 

Thanks for the smile as you passed me by.


All the people that knew who Sa-chan was on Saturday and took pictures of me or with me I LOVE YOU GUYS ;-; made me so happy!
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Black and white ball - Girl in black Dress, red ornament in hair, works in costume design. Amazing dancer. I dressed all in white.


I knew this thread would be made soon enough!

BW Ball, I was dressed as Pre Time Skip Sanji. Just wanted to says thanks for the dances to the girl dressed as Jolteon(We talked about your One Piece cosplaying past), the girl dressed as Naruto(We talked about Sanji and Naruto being a perfect combo :P) and to the girl in the pink dress who did the last dance of the night with me. I enjoyed dancing with all the people I danced with there, those three just really stuck out to me and it'd be cool to get to know any of you better. Again, thanks for the dances!


To the Spike Spiegel with Ein plushie during the pre-reg line.

I noticed you pacing the lines, waiting like the rest of us for our pre-reg badges, occasionally stopping to take pictures for fans. Perhaps it was the fatigue of standing in line for hours but I couldn't help but notice the expressions on your face. Whether it was intentional or not, you really seemed to "become" Spike and you had that same kind of wan smile with a trace of sadness look. It surprised me and I couldn't look away.

I just wanted to say that you are a very attractive man. By attractive, I mean that in the most innocent and pure way possible. My eyes would follow you as you walked by the area I was in. Whether it was intentional or not, you really stood out in my mind during that time and I figured I would say so, in the off chance that you might see it.

I know that my remark comes off as totally creepy no matter what I say to the contrary but I figured I'd say it anyway.

Just dismiss it as the ramblings from some odd Fanime Con gal if you'd like. *lol*  ;D


Shout out to Justin (I think it was justin) in the borderlands cosplay that I tried to help go to peace-bonding. You seemed pretty cool, I wish we could've hung out more.

Also shout out to the couple sitting behind me in the "how to sew" panel. If you guys ever need help with armor just drop me a message on Valiant Props on facebook.

And shout out to everyone that made this a fun con!


Shout out to all the wonderful gals I danced with at the Black and White Ball, especially the short Asian gal who didn't know how to swing at the start of the dance, but was following like a pro by the end =).

I was the dapper gentleman with a top hat, bow tie, and chin-length bangs.  If any of you happen to be in the Bay area, let me know if you want to go dancing again =).


We would like to thank a young lady dressed like Catwoman on Sunday. She was standing a few feet away when I pointed her out to my really shy 3 year old nephew. She walked right to him and kindly spoke to him. After posing in a picture with us she gave him her card. You were very talkative and a total sweetheart. Thank you for making a young boys day.
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Does anyone know where I can find the Tigra cosplayer? I got a picture of her in the Gaming Hall on Sunday I believe. She asked anyone who wanted a picture of her to take one with her first with a mask. I'd just like to see the one I took with her. Picture of her for reference: http://i.imgur.com/gMdOEXw.jpg


To the blonde haired rover-girl who did the Kagome cosplay that I ran into on Monday.... you're cute :P

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To the Harley whom ran across the street early sunday into the arms of our classic joker please contact or reply to post! We have been trying to find her! She was with the fairy odd parents dressed as classic Harley!

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To the persona 4 cosplayer who said she had a Popola costume planned for next year. I was the Devola monday and should have grabbed your email I'm so sorry. I definitely want to be a twin with you next year and would love to help you out with your sleeve fabric.

Also to the guy who ran past me and said I was awesome and that he was selling NieR cups. Thank you again, that made my day, and I want a NieR cup! Where can I buy one?
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Hey Ya'll it's MECHA LINCOLN
Friday and saturday, I met some really cool groups while wandering around post midnight, one group was monopoly, the other was some weird bar game... dragon inn I believe, and I only remember one person's name, Milo, the girl with the sailor moon  shirt. All of you should hit me up, you were awesome.
And if Mecha Lincoln happened to be someone YOU missed a connection with, I'm right here yo!


OH MAN AND HOW COULD I FORGET THE ROLE PLAYER FROM THE NERD COURTING ROOM! Even though you guys were run over by a car when you failed to get the girl, I'd still love to hear from you guys again!
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Shoutout to the Jareth cosplayer at the Black & White ball. I'm pretty sure you made a lot of girls' nights by dancing with them, myself included. Wish I'd have gotten your name!

And another for the short blonde guy from the Twilight Knights Renaissance Guild. Wanted to ask you out for drinks but was always too exhausted by 9pm to do it.


Shout out to my Portlandian neighbors on the fourth floor of the Fairmont who brought me a churro. Met you at the ball, you were both really cute and I loved your Stocking cosplay.

"Bring us the churros and wipe away the debt," Made my weekend.


To the 3 girls at the Saturday night dance you danced with my friend and I and we wanted to ask your names maybe hang out more, but you guys left when the song set was over.

The girls: one them had a pink dress with black lace short hair, second one white tank top with black shorts, for the third one she had long black hair, dark rim glasses, blue-ish-gray shirt with jeans I think...

Us: I was wearing black shorts with a neon green shirt with glasses average height, my friend: tall guy with a red shirt and red pants.

Time: from 2:00-3:30 am at the smaller dance room.

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