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Author Topic: Ending Convention Harassment  (Read 1958 times)

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Ending Convention Harassment
« on: June 08, 2013, 08:07:32 PM »

http://www.16bitsirens.com/consentnext/ + http://blip.tv/anime-zone/az-rant-fanservice-and-ecchi-6557621

I have to agree with the Authors that the latter has gone too far and that the former has to stop now. I have ideas for what  to do about the former, and I am in contact with the Author of the article too.

Does anyone else who goes to conventions want to get in on this?

My Ideas:

A Convention Rover's Network (and Content Moderator's Network):
            To exchange ideas and tips for stopping and dealing with this

            To coordinate group rover cos-plays because I have a feeling that the Avengers telling someone to cut that out might be more effective than some random guy, but perhaps I am wrong

                           The group rover cos-play idea translates to group Content Moderator RPing

A network of people dedicated to exposing and outing people who do things like stalk, take stalker photos, grope, womanize, make rape jokes, slut shame, race shame, bully LGBTQ and so on via:
          Exposing them to the people they are stalking in some fashion

          Asking them "May I take your picture?", if get a "yes", take it, post their picture and a description of what they did on a group Facebook Page, Twitter Hashtag, tumblr, and so on.

          Handing out red cards to people caught doing these fowl things

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