ANISONG World Tour Lantis Festival in Las Vegas 2015!

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Tickets on sale now!

Lantis Records, the world's largest label for anime song artists, presents "ANISONG WORLD TOUR ~ LANTIS FESTIVAL" on January 16 and 17th , 2015 at The Joint - Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV. The Lantis Festival brings 7 major artists to spread their Anisong circle to U.S. fans.

Lantis Company, Ltd., the Japanese music label specializing in singers and soundtracks for anime and video games, held "Lantis Festival 2014" to celebrate its memorable 15th year anniversary.

Lantis Festival World Tour is scheduled to start in 2015 across 6 cities. The U.S. show will kick off their world tour as "the circle of Anisong" that connected all of Japan goes overseas to deliver the heat of Anisong throughout the world.

Lantis Festival at Las Vegas is presented in conjunction with Otakon Vegas.

Official Facebook Page:

<Concert Information>
January 16th, 2015 Show time:  7pm to 10pm
January 17th, 2015 Show Time:  2pm to 5pm

<Ticket Information>
Ticket Link for January 16th:

Ticket Link for January 17th:

Ticket Prices:
VIP Tickets:  $125 (limited quantity)
   •   VIP Pass
   •   Early Entry
   •   Lucky bags
   •   High-touch session with all artists after show

Advance Tickets: $50

Ticket Giveaway: 
JPHiP is giving away 2 pairs of tickets to Lantis Festival (1 pair for Friday, 1 pair for Saturday) including High Touch MEET and GREET with the artists at the end of the show! 
Details on how to win here!

The Joint - Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

JAM Project // Yoko Ishida // YOUSEI TEIKOKU // ChouCho // Faylan // Sayaka Sasaki // bamboo (from milktub)

<About Lantis Festival>

The 2015 ANISONG World Tour Lantis Festival will bring hit anime songs to 6 cities: Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Taipei, and one more city to be announced. The ongoing Lantis Festival covered a total of 9 concerts across 4 cities in Japan, delivering successful performances for many thousands of fans. The Tokyo concerts held on the 13th, 14th and 15th of September had an amazing turnout of 28,000 fans in 3 days.

<About Lantis Records>
Lantis, the premier Japanese record label that represents the largest roster of anime song artists, was established November 26, 1999. To commemorate the 15-year mark of their establishment they held the "Lantis Festival 2014" to bring anime song loving fans in Japan together for a memorable experience.

<About The Joint>
The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas is a 4,500-person capacity venue that serves as a sophisticated, intimate and unparalleled entertainment destination. The Joint features seven Luxury Suites, a VIP Studio Level, state-of-the-art sound system, superior video system and a production package tailor-made for artist comfort. It has received numerous accolades including "Best Concert Venue" in Las Vegas Review – Journal's "Best of Las Vegas" awards 2010 – 2013, "Best Music Venue" in 2012 and 2013 Las Vegas Weekly Awards, "No. 1 Hottest Club in America" award by Billboard Magazine in 2011 and 2013, "Best Live Music Venue in Las Vegas" by in 2011, "Best New Major Concert Venue" at the 2010 Pollstar Awards, and "Best Live Music Venue" in AOL City's Best 2010 awards. The Joint delivers unforgettable live music experiences with performances by both legendary and ground-breaking artists including Paul McCartney, The Killers, Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney, Nine Inch Nails, The Who, Imagine Dragons, Prince, Arcade Fire, Muse, Drake, and No Doubt. The venue created the successful concept of rock 'n' roll residencies with Supernatural Santana: A Trip Through the Hits, Mötley Crüe in Sin City, Mötley Crüe invites you to an Intimate Evening in Hell, Guns N' Roses Appetite for Democracy, Guns N' Roses – An Evening of Destruction. No Trickery! and Def Leppard VIVA Hysteria! as well as Tiësto In Concert featuring electronic DJ and producer Tiësto. KISS kicked off its nine-show residency, KISS Rocks Vegas, on Wednesday, Nov. 5. Follow The Joint on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news and updates.

<Artists Lineup>
JAM Project

JAM Project ("Japan Animationsong Makers Project") is a Japanese anime song supergroup formed in 2000 that is comprised of five veteran vocalists: Hironobu Kageyama (Dragon Ball Z), Masami Okui (Revolutionary Girl Utena), Yoshiki Fukuyama (Macross 7), Masaaki Endo (The King of Braves GaoGaiGar), and Hiroshi Kitadani (One Piece). They have achieved an extraordinary position in the "Anisong" genre. In 2008, they completed their first world tour called "No Border" in 8 countries and established strong international recognition. After adding a South American tour in 2012, JAM Project continues singing "Anisong" all over the world to represent Japanese culture.

Yoko Ishida

Yoko Ishida's music career started after she won a contest to become an "Anisong" singer in 1990. Her debut was in 1993 with the song "Otome no Policy," which is the ending theme song for Sailor Moon R. In 2003, her 1st album "sweets" was released in the U.S. and she performed a U.S. tour called "AFT (Anime Fusion Tour)" in 13 locations in 2005-2006. She is also known as the singer of the theme songs for the Strike Witches series. She has held concerts in 8 countries and will continue performing as an international "Anisong" singer


YOUSEI TEIKOKU ("Fairy Empire") is made up of five members: Yui (vocal), Takaha Tachibana (guitar), Nanami (bass), Shiren (lead guitar), and Gight (drums). Their music style is a mix of Techno, Trance, Gothic, Heavy Rock, and Classical. This heavy yet symphonic sound was showcased in the theme songs to Mirai Nikki in 2011. They also performed the ending song for the 2014 anime Tokyo ESP.


In 2008, ChouCho began posting videos of herself singing on Nico Nico Douga, a popular video sharing website in Japan, which led to her major debut single "Kawaru Mirai" for the 2011 anime Heaven's Memo Pad.


Faylan debuted with "mind as Judgement," the opening song of the 2009 anime CANAAN. She has been performing theme songs for several anime and video games, such as the "BLAZBLUE" series in 2013 and many more.

Sayaka Sasaki

Sayaka is the winner of the "3rd All-Japan Anisong Grand Prix" in 2009, out of 6,570 groups in the competition. She debuted with "Seisai no Ripieno," the second opening song for the 2009 anime The Book of Bantorra. She continues to sing for many anime and video games.

Bamboo (from  milktub)

milktub is a music unit consisting of bamboo (vocals) and Ichibanboshi Hikaru (guitar) with the slogan of "fast, silly and stylish." They performed the theme song of the 2013 anime Uchouten Kazoku.


Source: Official Press Release (RESONANCE Media, Amuse Group USA, Inc.)


Lantis Festival Announces JAM Project Solo Performances
Once-in-a-Lifetime Concert for Anisong Fans Continues to Expand

Lantis Festival at Las Vegas has announced additional solo performances from Japanese anisong super group JAM Project. Members of JAM Project have made contributions to popular anime series such as Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, One Piece, Macross 7, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Space Battleship Yamato 2199.

The 2-day Festival at The Joint - Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is the beginning of the world tour celebration marking the Lantis label's 15th anniversary, featuring seven powerful music artists, many of them making their American performance debut.

Attendees have the chance to purchase VIP tickets for the shows, which include:
- Early Entry
- VIP Laminate Pass
- Lucky Bag with many exclusive goods from Japan unavailable in the U.S.
- A High-Five session after the show

JAM Project (Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX), YOUSEI TEIKOKU (Future Diary), Sayaka Sasaki (Cardfight!! Vanguard), Faylan (Tokyo ESP), ChouCho (Girls und Panzer), Yoko Ishida (Sailor Moon R), and bamboo (milktub) (Baka and Test) will perform each day of the January 16 & 17, 2015 concerts.

Friday, January 16
[Additional Solo Performances]

Hironobu Kageyama (JAM Project)

Kageyama made his debut in the rock band LAZY at the age of 16. He gained enormous popularity as its vocalist, Michell. In 1985, he started singing theme songs for TV movies and anime. In 1989, his theme song for Fuji TV's Dragonball Z, "CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA" was released. Since then, he has performed many anime songs and formed an anisong supergroup, JAM Project, in 2000.

・TV Anime『Dragon Ball Z』
・TV Anime『Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac』
・TV Anime『Transformers: The Headmasters』
・TV Anime『Space Battleship Yamato 2199』

Masami Okui (JAM Project)

Okui started her career as a backing chorus singer for many artists, such as Yumi Matsutoya. She made her major debut in 1993. She has performed many smash hit theme songs for anime such as Slayers and Revolutionary Girl Utena. She also writes and provides songs for many anime related works. She joined JAM Project in 2003 and performs as a solo singer with many recent tours in Asia.

・Feature Anime『Ghost Sweeper Mikami』
・TV Anime『Revolutionary Girl Utena』
・OVA『Slayers Excellent』
・TV Anime『Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko』
・TV Anime『Di Gi Charat』
・TV Anime『Tales of Eternia THE ANIMATION』
・TV Anime『Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters』
・TV Anime『He Is My Master』
・TV Anime『Muteki Kanban Musume』
・TV Anime『Shin Koihime Muso』
・TV Anime『Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere』

Yoshiki Fukuyama (JAM Project)

Fukuyama made his debut in the rock band HUMMING BIRD in 1991. He had his breakthrough with the theme song for the TV anime Macross 7. He started his solo activity in 2000 and released the opening theme songs for Overman King Gainer and Buso Renkin. He toured Asia two years in a row in 2009 and 2010. He is also a member of JAM Project.

・TV Anime『Macross 7』
・TV Anime『OVERMANKing Gainer』
・TV Anime『Buso Renkin』
・TV Anime『Kamen no Maid Guy』

Saturday, January 17
[Additional Solo Performances]

Masaaki Endoh (JAM Project)

Endoh's nickname is the "Young Lion of Anisong" which came from the hit theme song for TV anime The King of Braves GaoGaiGar in 1997. He joined the revolutionary anisong supergroup JAM Project in 2000. He performed the theme song for one of the Super Sentai series Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger, which became the highest grossing Sentai theme song in history. He joined the event "ANIME FRIENDS" held in San Paulo, Brazil with Hironobu Kageyama and Masami Okui in 2004.

・TV Anime『The King of Braves GaoGaiGar』
・TV Anime『Niji no Senki Iris』
・TV Anime『Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's』
・TV Anime『Mitsudomoe』

Hiroshi Kitadani (JAM Project)

Kitadani made his debut in the 3-piece rock unit Stagger. He also played in the band Lapis Lazulo before becoming a solo artist. In 1999, he became popular with "We are!", the highly-acclaimed theme song of the TV anime ONE PIECE. He has performed many theme songs for tokusatsu, anime, and video games, including Kamen Rider Ryuki, Madan Senki Ryukendo, Yokai Ningen Bem, and Saint Beast. He joined JAM Project in 2002.

・TV Anime『Transformer: Energon』
・TV Anime『Yokai Ningen Bem 2』
・TV Anime『Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX』
・TV Anime『Gaist Crusher』
・Feature Anime『Firefighter! Daigo of Fire Company M』

More information at:

Ticket Link for January 16th:

Ticket Link for January 17th:


Lantis Records has created a special YouTube channel showcasing the superstar lineup of anime song artists appearing at next month's Lantis Festival at Las Vegas.

Anisong fans can subscribe here:

Many of the videos are being officially released in full-length and HD versions for the first time.

Full-length music videos from anisong performers JAM Project (Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX), YOUSEI TEIKOKU (Future Diary), Sayaka Sasaki (Cardfight!! Vanguard), Faylan (Tokyo ESP), ChouCho (Girls und Panzer), Yoko Ishida (Sailor Moon R), and bamboo (milktub) (Baka and Test) are being uploaded every day between now and the January 16 & 17 concerts.

JAM Project

YOUSEI Teikoku




Sayaka Sasaki


Bamboo (from Milktub)


The 2015 ANISONG World Tour-Lantis Festival has announced virtual singing superstar Hatsune Miku as a special guest to the Las Vegas artist line-up.

Her addition to both days of the Las Vegas concerts is surprise treat for American fans of the virtual superstar who recently headlined back-to-back MIKU EXPO events in Los Angeles and New York and performed live on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is a singing voice synthesizer featured in over 100,000 songs released worldwide. Popular with millions of international fans, Hatsune Miku means "The First Sound from the Future".

With over 2 million fans on Facebook, over 100,000 released songs, 170,000 uploaded YouTube videos, and 1,000,000 artwork creations, Hatsune Miku has performed sold-out 3D concerts worldwide with performances in L.A., Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo in addition to corporate collaborations with SEGA, Toyota USA, Google and more.


Check out Lantis at Las Vegas's poll for the most anticipated anime song at next month's live concert in Las Vegas!

Did you see your favorite? Sound off in the comments!


VIP lucky bag sneak preview!

Some of the goods included will be a towel, uchiwa (fan), and t-shirt! Designs shown are example only; actual items will vary with each bag.


New iTunes releases from JAM Project and YOUSEI TEIKOKU
Anisong stars prep American fans for Las Vegas concert

In preparation for this month's live concert in Las Vegas, Japanese animation song ("anisong") stars JAM Project have released two albums on USA iTunes that were previously unavailable overseas.

Best Collection X - X Cures Earth features "Wings of the Legend" (from Playstation 3's Super Robot Wars 2 Original Generation), "Yume Sketch" (from anime series Bakuman), and "Isshoku Sokuhatsu ~Trigger of Crisis~" (from the GARO ~Yami wo Terasu Mono tokusatsu series). 

Also released on iTunes this week is JAM Project's 2013 album THUMB RISE AGAIN, their third studio album which was recorded in L.A. with over 70 musicians contributing to the recording sessions at L.A.'s famous Capitol Records Studios. 

JAM Project on iTunes

Gothic rock band YOUSEI TEIKOKU also joined in this week's release schedule, putting up fan favorites PAX VESANIA and gothic lolita agitator for sale to American fans.


A bonus release by the collective "All Lantis" group titled "Starting Style" is also available.


Otakon Vegas and ANISONG World Tour Lantis Festival in Las Vegas announce a special VIP Party for attendees of both events!

Fans who attend both the ANISONG World Tour Lantis Festival concert and Otakon Vegas can enter into a special raffle for a chance to win tickets to an exclusive VIP Party featuring JAM PROJECT and Yui from Yosei Teikoku on Sunday, January 18th at Planet Hollywood.

The party will include a Q&A panel, autographs, and photo shoots with the artists. The party is limited to 50 people. Please see the Otakon Vegas website ( for FAQs and more information about the raffle and VIP party.