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Author Topic: WTS: Cosplays (i also do commissions!)  (Read 3207 times)

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WTS: Cosplays (i also do commissions!)
« on: February 15, 2015, 10:27:45 AM »

Hello I am looking to sell a few cosplays I don't wear anymore! They are all in good condition and were washed after the last con they were worn at but I will wash them again prior to shipping.
Please note all payments will be in USD, via either Paypal (you pay fees) or WellsFargo SurePay (I also have a Chase I can receive money to as well). I ship from California and shipping will be calculated based on where you are at, though I will try and fit the costume into one of those set price priority mail boxes if possible. Once shipping is estimated and everything is agreed to I will need half of the payment for the costume prior to shipping so I have the funds to ship it. Once that money is transferred over into my bank account I will go ship the costume and give you the tracking number associated with the package, as well as requesting the 2nd half of the price.

All costumes were made (or in italys case bought) to my measurements which are: 36" bust, 21.5" shoulder width, 36" waist and 40" hips.

North Italy/ Feliciano Vargas Cosplay - APH

Cosplay comes with the slacks, blazer, 2 spare buttons (one large, one small) and a tie (slightly off from cosplay color as I bought it on my own).

Asking for $45.00 (OBO) + shipping (USD)

This cosplay was bought in Japan a few years ago, wore a dozen or so times but then not worn for the past… 2 years? I believe. Closeups/more photos can be found on my weebly.

Flaws - it needs one side of the hook on the pants clasp resewn on, the bottom most button came off and needs to be reattached (cosplay comes with both the fallen button, plus the extras), and there’s a small dirt stain on the bottom of the tie. All of these have closeups on my weebly as linked above.Also it could probably use an ironing.

Bloody! Leon Kuwata Cosplay - Dangan Ronpa

Cosplay comes with tanktop, jacket and the giant safety pin.

Asking for $30.00 + shipping (USD)

Details: This cosplay was made for AX 2013, where I made and premiered Leon during the con. After the first gathering there was a mishap where I ended up with some red dyed ice on my sleeve, tide to g pen after an immediate run to the bathroom to wash it yielded poor results and since red is near impossible to get out of white of all things I splashed it with some more (immediately washed it upon coming home so it’s not sticky or gross or anything) and latter added the more purple coloring “blood” and the 11037 finger dragging on the back. The studs were pink spray painted silver since I literally made this costume during the con in like 6 hours including styling the wig haha, that and the fact it is unlined are the reasons the price is very low. I was proud of it but the faults take away value. Closeups/more photos can be found on my weebly.

Leon Kuwata Cosplay - Dangan Ronpa

Cosplay comes with short sleeve v-neck shirt, the safety pin and the blazer. I measure a 36” bust and 21.5” shoulder width and its a bit loose on me but not too baggy.

Asking for $50.00 (OBO) + shipping (USD)

Details: I made this costume to replace the bloody one. The pocket L is hand embroidered. This version of the jacket is lined. Can include a few spare studs if you would like them. Closeups/more photos can be found on my weebly.

Flaws: I never attached snaps or anything to the cuffs so you’ll need to do that. There is also not a flap for the pocket. The collar needs to be re-starched after every wear essentially.

Sukeban! Mondo Oowada Cosplay (+ wig) - Dangan Ronpa

Cosplay comes with the ankle length pleated skirt, mid calf length jacket, face mask and belt. Wig can be included for additional cost or sold separately. In addition to the above measurements please not I am 5’6” in height.

Asking for $150.00 (OBO) + shipping (USD) OR $175.00 with the wig. For just the wig it would be $40.00 (or best offer) + shipping.

Details: The belt is made of floral foam, paper clay and gessoed to all hell it is very solid and attached to a slide style belt? Unsure of the proper name but there are pics on my weebly. The skirt is made out of poplin I believe? Same for the jacket, lined with a thin purple lining. Paint is heat set gold acrylic (all painting credit goes to @toguchin). Pictures of the wig can be found here

Flaws: The paint did seep through the coat in some places to the lining, the lining on the sleeves need to be properly tacked down, the seam is a tad wonky on the collar and my tension was a bit off so you can see the white thread on the black side and there’s a small corner of the lapel that my machine missed but can be easily hidden stitched closed. All of these flaws have closeups on the weebly as linked above.

If you are looking to have a costume made, I also do costume/wig commissions!

Please check out my weebly for examples of my work, pricing, etc. I have pictures of WIP + final images for both wigs and costumes uploaded and will be uploading more recent work soon, as well as potentially opening up leatherworking commissions! (see Gyro Zeppeli hat). If you're willing to signal boost me at all (which I would highly appreciate since I really need money to pay bills) I have a post on Tumblr as well.
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