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Author Topic: Swapmeet 2015 previews and possible reservation items *Updated often*  (Read 9229 times)

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Here are my anime related figures that I will be selling. Some of the pictures are not properly positioned even after trying to fix them.

Motoko Kusanagi $16

Ryoko $15

Tokito Ami $30

Princess Ayeka Doll $20

Subaru $15

Nuku Nuku $15

Ayane $20

Tenchi Muyo $20

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The Japanese Transformers

Transformers Go Optimus Exprime $80

Transformers Go Kenzan Kuromusha version Toys R Us japan exclusive $70

Transformers Go Gekisoumaru Kurojishi version AEON Exclusive $70

Transformers Go Hunter Nemesis Prime Cybertron Satellite Exclusive $60

Transformers Go Bakudora $35

Transformers Go Gaidora $35

Transformers Go Hunter Ratchet $35

Transformers Prime First Edition Crystal Optimus Prime Tokyo Show Exclusive $75

Transformers Generations Senator Ratbat $44

Transformers Generations Air Raid Japanese version $35

Transformers Henkei Henkei Megatron $60

Transformers Henkei Henkei Ratchet $44

Transformers Henkei Henkei Cheetus aka Cheetor $40

Transformers United Black Optimus Prime Tokyo Show 2012 Exclusive $75

Transformers United Windcharger and Wipe-Out $50

Transformers United Beast Megatron aka Beast Wars Megatron $50

Transformers United Optimus Primal $50

$80 for both Optimus Primal and Beast Megatron together

Transformers Prime Arms Micron Optimus Prime vs. Gaia Unicron w/O.P. and Bogu $100

Transformers Prime Arms Micron Nemesis Prime w/Giza $55

Transformers Arms Micron Swerve w/Sou $55

Transformers Prime Arms Micron Smokescreen w/S.2 $35

Transformers Prime Arms Micron Skywarp w/Balo $35

Transformers Prime Arms Micron Terrorcon Cliffjumper w/Jida $35

Transformers Prime Arms Micron Cliffjumper w/C.L $30

Transformers PrimeArms Micron Terrorcon Bumblebee w/Terrorcon Zori AEON Exclusive $35

Transformers Prime Arms Micron Wheeljack w/ Wuji $20

Transformers Arms Micron Vehicon w/Noji $30

Transformers Prime Arms Micron Rumble w/Dago R $35

Transformers Prime Arms Micron Frenzy w/Dago F $30

Rumble and Frenzy both for $60 together.

Transformers Arms Micron Shockwave w/Bido $30

Transformers Prime Arms Micron Advanced Star Saber set $35

Transformers Prime Arms Micron Gravity Planet Blowgun set $35

Transformers Prime Arms Micron Gaia Unicron w/Bogu $55

Transformers Dark of the Moon Dark Energy Megatron $100

Transformers Age of Extinction Movie Advanced Series Dino aka Mirage $44

Transformers Lost Age Series Battle Command Optimus Prime w/ One step Changer Drift, Optimus Prime mini figure, and Power Attacker Drift $90
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