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Author Topic: Masquerade Winners for Fanime 2015  (Read 1235 times)

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Masquerade Winners for Fanime 2015
« on: May 25, 2015, 04:30:10 PM »

Prizes awards
Best in Original - Mobile Ginn by Enshiro
Best in Novice division - Elderwood Bard by Tetchy Tact
Best in Journeyman division - Crazy by Full X Force
Best in Open division - The Crayton family by The Crayton family
Best Craftsmanship - Fashion Week Senketsu by Hagumis Cosplay
Best in Show - A Miyazaki Medley by Project Victory Cosplay Theatre

Performance (skits):
 - Best Dramatic Performance, group Senbonzakura no Kenshin by Pants Your Goonies Cosplay
 - Best Comedic Performance, group RPG Vs MMO by Princess Squib Cosplay
 - Best Dance Performance, Only my note from the idol master by Angle Hearts

 - Best presentation In the Journeyman division, Princess Jellyfish by Identivity Cosplay
 - Best presentation In the Open division, Final Fantasy 14 Dragoon by Juicy And Wet Cosplay

Judges Awards:
   * Judge choice - In the novice division Beatrice the Golden Witch by Emily Mills
   * Judge choice - In the Open division, Lapras by Meanlilkitty
   * Directors choice - Power Ranger Zords by Diabolic Duck Cosplay
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