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Author Topic: "anime that theme song" contest  (Read 1306 times)

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"anime that theme song" contest
« on: August 29, 2015, 09:15:34 AM »

Hi, Fanime! My name is Shelly. I'm wanting to host the
"anime that theme song" contest, but I have never hosted
a panel before.  I have two areas that I could use your help in.

1: Legality
- What is the legality of playing a few (or so) seconds
of a song for the sake of a fan run contest?

- Can I show a few opening/ending theme song videos
and/or AMVs as people are walking in and taking their seats?

- Is there an age requirement for this type of panel/contest?
While their be no adult language or content, some animes
can be very fan service heavy. Should I make it at least
16 + or go all out with 18+ (just to be on the safe side)?

- What is the legality of giving away prizes? I was thinking
something like a grand prize of 100$ Amazon gift card.
Any ideas, or suggestions on prizes would be helpful! ^_^

2. Panel info
 - What are some basic on panels should know?
Like: When do I sign up ? The overall signing progress.
What kind of equipment does Fanime/McEnery Convention Center
provide for panels? What am I expected to bring on my own? Etc...

Thanks for your time.
Looking forward to Fanime 2016!


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Re: "anime that theme song" contest
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2015, 12:06:40 AM »

Hi Shellysunfish:

On the subject of legality, every convention is different.  This is because each convention has their own agreement with industry, management style and tax filing status.  Most conventions that I have attended allow clips but I know of a few where even that is not allowed.  You should contact Fanime for specifics on what you can show and what you cannot show.

It sounds like your panel need not be 18+.  Adults’ only panels often deal with hentai, similar adult themes or contain a lot of adult language.  Most anime featuring fan service typically can be discussed in a 16+ panel.  Fanime will probably ask you the age rating of your panel when you apply.

The game shows at stage zero have always given out prizes.  Typical prizes there have included anime figures, DVD box sets and restaurant gift cards.  I have no problems giving away prizes.  At Fanime, I have always given away 100$ Amazon gift cards as a second place prize.  My first place prizes have been game systems such as Xboxes and PS4s.  Anime conventions typically have restrictions as to what items cannot be given away, such as cash or certain food items.

To sign up for a panel at Fanime, there should be a web page that becomes available next year.  Fanime tries to make this page available in January but they seem to do so later each year.  I have seen it appear as late as March.  The application page will ask you certain questions such as what kind of equipment you need.

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