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Started by ZanyAnee99, October 10, 2015, 12:46:05 AM

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Hey hey, can't wait to see you guys there, maybe cry together over 413?

Panel Summary:
-1 hr
-games, skits, monologues, singing, and Probably Q & A
-Saturday or Sunday Afternoon hopefully
-Recommended 16+, as in yes cursing and b-word jokes

Panelist must be:
-Mature enough to know their limits (tag your triggers!)
-Read (hopefully up to date with) Homestuck
-Skype and/or Facebook! This is really important for contact, i do almost all my communication with Skype and Facebook
-Outgoing, I know this seems easy, but have you ever been to a panel where the answers are always "I don't wanna talk about it" or "I don't know"?
-Into their character, like Feferi wouldn't just say "Glubglubglubglubglub, Cuttlefish"
-Be interactive, hug your characters moirail, black flirt with that pretty au in the corner, auspicise for those nitwits in the doorway

Audition: Video Plz
-Name, Age, where you are in reading HS, how long you've been in the fandom, City if you want
-Short introduction preferably in character, talking about yourself (so i can get a feel for your feels about the character)
-A few pictures of you're cosplay, if you haven't finished it yet send me details of what your plans for cosplay are
-Say the word candycorn somewhere in your audition so I can make sure you read these rules
-Experience with Fandom interaction (panels, gatherings, ect)
-A biiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggg smile! (or signature look if your character doesn't smile)
-It's not necessary, but if you want to include a canon/not-too-feels-y monologue in your audition, it may or may not improve your chances (msg me if you want me to send you one)

Please message me through Skype: ZanyAnimeGirl99 to send in/do a live audition

NOTE: Even if it says there is an audition for a character you are good at PLEASE audition for it no matter what!!!


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