Dual Cosplay Swords

Started by Dawnshadow, January 16, 2016, 07:25:59 PM

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Looking for a props maker. I'm making a mega sceptile fursuit and I'd like some props to go with the suit.

I'm wanting two green swords, aka Sceptile's leaf blade. I'm granting artistic liberty for the design but they have to be green. I was thinking identical in design and light-up. I either want the blade to fully light up or the blade to be solid in color with e-wire accents along the edges (the more feasible option).

For length, I'd like the blade section to be about two feet each and the hilt to be around 8 inches.

Material can be anything, even prop foam or wood, just has to look good and be sturdy (and safe for con use). I want the blades to hold their shape should I swing them around. They won't be used to actually strike things though, just to look cool in pics.

I want them in my hand by May 25th this year or delivered in person to Fanime if you are attending.

I was thinking around $200+ shipping? I can go higher, but if so I will need to make a few largish payments (but I should be able to pay a nice chunk once I receive my current paycheck). I can also offer fursuit part trades, even a custom (toony) head. If interested in a trade, just ask and I'll send pics of my projects but I assume most would prefer cash.

I do absolutely need the deadline to be hit. Please don't take this on if you can't complete it in time or I will end up severely disappointed. I would have posted earlier but just came up with the cosplay idea recently.
Lucario- a few fixes are required (80%)
Itachi- 60% *needs new cloak and wig*
Mystery Pokemon (it's a surprise and I want it debuted here)- 5% or so
Masked Marth- 0% (I doubt I'll get this one done as it has least priority over my money)