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Author Topic: Karaoke Videos?  (Read 1885 times)

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Karaoke Videos?
« on: May 31, 2016, 12:40:56 AM »

So this year, I decided to try karaoke for the very first time. Of course, I had to choose a more difficult song to make a fool of myself with. I decided to sing Sono Chi No Sadame. Though it felt like I wasn't that great, people were loving it (I'm sure it was just because of the song). Unfortunately I didn't get someone to record it for me, so I was wondering if anyone happened to have video of karaoke on Sunday night, preferably of my performance of course since I'm curious as to how I did, regardless of what people said. I know there was one person that was recording, but for all I know he just has it for putting on his personal social media or w/e.

Edit:Just realized that this would probably belong more in the Live Programming and Events section. Move/delete this if necessary.
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