Dance Events.

Started by MiggySB, December 15, 2016, 12:08:35 AM

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Every year I've gone to fanime I have seen a number of familiar faces at the con who come from teams I have competed with and against at dance competitions, or have met through dance networks. The dance population is very rich at the convention and I had always thought it would be great if the con had events for dancers to network and get together seeing that we only get together at the dance it self every night or in dance cyphers though out the day.

I am proposing any kind of dance events that may cater to the dance community; Dance battles (Freestyle) 1 vs 1 or crews (traditionally 2 vs. 2 -or- 3 vs. 3)Or maybe even a designated dance social during the Dance itself every night.

Just a thought.


the bboy hangout has been created for the dancers to congregate in a large room with a real dance floor instead of the main lobby (since registration has moved back to that area, they will be asked to relocate). 

Additional details will be posted on the website soon.

Our goal is to foster a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for dancers to demonstrate their skills or moves while not creating an ultra-competitive atmosphere.  Even though the dancers can choose to battle; any wagering or the act of winning "prizes" will be considered a violation of the code of conduct.

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