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What should I rebrand myself as?

I really don’t care. You do you.
Don’t rebrand, leave it TrashdomCosplay!

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Author Topic: Rebranding? (Personal Question/Poll)  (Read 527 times)

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Tomas Cosplay

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Rebranding? (Personal Question/Poll)
« on: April 14, 2018, 09:17:44 AM »

So for a few years I have branded myself as TrashdomCosplay because I had originally planned to be making a huge cosplay group to brand as this. However, as years go by I’m still the only person in this “group” and am considering rebranding myself after this upcoming Fanime. I’m considering three different names, with a heavy lean towards one than the others, but I thought I would make it a poll. I doubt anyone will participate, but if you do, it’s here.
The reasoning behind my two name ideas:
TomasCosplay: my middle name is Tomas and I’m rather fond of it. When signing emails for things that don’t require me using a real last name, I use it in place of my last name. I figure it might be a good way to keep the TC in my cosplay name as well as bring some personal identity.
Transplays: I’m trans and very open about it. It’s kinda a play on cosplay but with trans.
LuciferianCosplay: I’m a LaVeyan Satanist, which is one reason for this name, but there’s also the fact that I jokingly call myself Satan on a daily basis and the fact that if there’s a protester telling us we’re going to hell I can be like “awesome, that’s my kingdom” and have it coorelate with my cosplay identity.
Fanime 2019 Cosplay List:
Koi Boi (Squirrel Girl)
Pink Lars (or) Donut Lars (Steven Universe)
David (Camp Camp)
Fumikage (My Hero Academia)
For my list of cosplays see this link:,20921.msg491524.html#msg491524
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