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Author Topic: BNHA: Ask A Hero (Or Villain) (16+, Panelists Needed, Unconfirmed)  (Read 829 times)

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Hello, everyone! This is the first time I've tried my hand at hosting a panel, so please be patient and understanding! A group of cosplayers and myself are interested in hosting a BNHA character Q&A panel at Fanime 2019, and we're on the lookout for more cosplayers! We won't need an audition, however I'd like to talk to you prior to accepting you into the cast! Official Fanime 2019 panel submissions have yet to be posted, but it's never to early to plan ahead!

We'd love to try to get this panel on Saturday between 12 and 3 PM, preferably closer to 12! Let me know if you are interested! (I'm most active on IG at Sewlovelyyy!) If you are, tell me what character you are considering, what your instagram is, your name and pronouns! Spoilers are only accepted up to what is released in the anime prior to the con! Let's have a fun con, everyone!

Rules/General Guidelines:
No sexual content
No forced shipping (shipping to a minimum please!)
Panelists have the right to pass on a question
Students must wear a uniform (Main UA uniform preferred, Gym uniform is okay)
Panelists can leave the group at any time, but may not be accepted back if they constantly try to leave and rejoin
Panelists must have an instagram as we communicate through there
If a panelist is rude, trying to harm someone, etc. more than three times, the group decides if they should be kicked out
As well as other general behavior...

Characters Taken:

Class 1A:
Deku- Lialackcosplays (IG)
Uraraka- Momocosplay (IG)
Bakugou- Chasethegirl (IG)
Tsuyu- Au.xilia.trix (IG)
Iida- Tenya.cos (IG)
Todoroki- Rainydaze_cosplays (IG)
Kirishima- Shainamation (IG)
Jirou- Luc_cosplay (IG)
Mina- Jossofalltrades (IG)

Class 1B:
None Taken

Alt. Classes:
Shinsou- Sewlovelyyy (IG) (Me!)

Toga- Manicpyxie_cosplay (IG)

Pro Heroes:
None Taken

And any other character is welcomed!! Thanks for checking this out!
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Fanime 2019 Lineup-

D1) Joker (P5), Hero!Deku (BNHA), Rave!Deku (BNHA, ?)
D2) Shinsou (BNHA), Secret Cosplay
D3) Secret Cosplay, Villain Shinsou (BNHA)
D4) Fantasy Todoroki (BNHA)

Lineup may change!! <3

(I'm sewlovelyyy on IG)
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