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Author Topic: Fire Pro Comedy Alliance Open Auditions  (Read 568 times)

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Fire Pro Comedy Alliance Open Auditions
« on: March 20, 2019, 04:01:48 PM »

The Fire Pro Comedy Alliance is looking for a few more comics to appear at Fanime 2019!

Our panel, originally slotted for one hour has been extended to two, Sunday of the con at 10 PM, panels room 1, and as such we have a few more spots to fill.

Experience isnt necessarily necessary, particularly if you have some sort of mutant, supernaturally bestowed talent for comedy or avant-garde performance art, but it doesnt hurt to have some experience under your belt. If you're looking for an outlet to share weeb-themed, or somewhat otaku related comedy, email me at with the following information:

Links to past performances (if any):
Contact preference:

We are currently looking for 4 more people. Past COMEDY CLUB @ FANIME participants especially considered.

Email with "PHOENIX STYLE" in the subject line.
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