Artemis plush

Started by MsVamp91, May 26, 2019, 08:16:15 PM

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I've been looking for an Artemis plush from sailor moon for sometime now and I did successfully find one this year but it wasn't the same one that I had seen a previous year, it was a bit smaller and kinda pricey but maybe that's just me lol Because I have a Luna plush that I got back in 2015 for $15 from one of the vendors it's called Banpresto 9.8" Sailor Moon luna plush and I know they have one the same size of Artemis because I saw it one year but did not get it because they were asking $35 for it.
The plush I saw this year was like I said smaller but they were asking $25 for it. I've seen it online before but now nowhere is it being sold and I was hoping to find it so that I can have my pair :D and put them next to each other and then get a Diana plush since I did see one this year but forgot to go back and get it. So if there are any vendors that you may know of that has it perhaps when I go back next year I can purchase it or if you have the one i'm looking for and are willing to part with it let me know!
Below is what my luna plush looks like so that you know which one I'm talking about
<img src="">