FanimeCon 2005 Button Men?

Started by TheOrgg, May 18, 2020, 07:40:58 PM

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I've been researching the game Button Men to preserve the stories behind the characters that were released in the twenty years before its cancellation.

One set was in the program for FanimeCon in 2005, and I was hoping to either get a high resolution scan of the page (as high of a dpi as possible) or a copy of the program for that year.

I was also hoping to possibly talk to Mike Stevens about the creation of the set, as I was told he was the driving force behind its design.

Here's the page for the set.

Also, there's several Button Men sets based on anime characters that you might be interested in, most of which are listed on the wiki.

Button Men is a deeply strategic dice game despite its simple basic rules.  If you'd like to chat about it here, feel free to do so.  :)


Oh it looks really interesting, I'd love to try it at the next convention!