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Quote.hack//DUSK (Legend of the Twilight Bracelet; epi 1-12)

Theres actually a 13th episode to .hack//DUSK. The episode name is "Lets meet offline." The animation is very limited but its still fun to watch. Oh, and you learn something very interesting about Hotaru.


Quote from: "Tetsunai"Theres actually a 13th episode to .hack//DUSK. The episode name is "Lets meet offline." The animation is very limited but its still fun to watch. Oh, and you learn something very interesting about Hotaru.
I actually have it d/l-ed... I watched it and now know Hotaru's secret. :) The entire thing looked kinda funny with faces in bubbles floating around, but when I told myself that it originally didn't come with any visual(just audio), the fan(s) who did the video did a pretty good job.

I'm also re-d/l-ing .hack//ROOTS episode 1 and then 2 & 3... Can't wait to see them!

BTW: I wanted to post here all the typos I found in TokyoPop's translation of the .hack novels and what I changed them to(with the help of whiteout):

Clarification of Classes/Professions:
Long Arm = long poles with either a knife or axe on (both?) ends
Twin Blade = two small daggers/knives on each hand
Heavy Axe(man) = carries an axe(duh)
Heavy Blade = huge two-handed sword
Blademaster = one-handed sword
Wavemaster = staff-wielding magic user; both OFFENSIVE and DEFENSIVE vers. exist
- Male and Female versions of each profession exist.

Q.1) Is it agreed that "Pole Arm" and "Twin User" are incorrect terms?
Q.2) Are "Blademaster" and "Wavemaster" one word or two?
Q.3) Should the professions be capitalized?

Morganna has two "N's", right?

v1p70) "You're [at an] insanely high-level, aren't you?"; Words in brackets make the sentence more coherent

v1p53/81) the idea that you CAN'T enter someone's hideout/house without FIRST exchanging member addresses. But if that's the case, then how did Orca and Balmung get into Albireo's home if they DIDN'T exchange member addresses. Unless, Al temporarily gave them his mem.add. just for the discussion they had and then once done, all three agreed to delete each others info(mem.add.) afterwards. Because really, this exchanging of mem.add. and joining parties is a two-step process:
1- exchange mem.add.
2- ask to join parties
...but Albireo specifically said that he didn't want to do step one!!! Please can someone explain.

Although AI Buster comes first in the .hack timeline, .hack//SIGN came out first commercially and so, I guess, we'd all become used to calling it [Delta] Hidden, Forbidden, HOLY GROUND(not "Sacred"); But don't they basically mean the same thing? Nevertheless, I prefer Holy Ground. (FYI: keep it in mind if and when .hack//ZERO comes out, 'kay?)

"W.B. Yeats" is the name of real-life poet whereas "W.B. Yates" COULD BE an intentional misspelling of the name. Hokuto knew better, but she probably misspelled it to better maintain her "n00bie" personality in "The World"... Correct me if I'm wrong.

it's "Emma Wielant", not "Emma Weilant"

v2p90) they were 4 Long Arms, not 4 Heavy Axe(wo)men

v2p38) "scan(s)lation"; depending on preference, w/or w/o middle "S"

v2 story3) So which is it: Rin or Lin?

v2p163) is Sanjuro a Heavy Blade? just asking.

v2p151) I've never heard of a "Knight" class. Could the "Mireille"(actually "Rena"/"Bridgit") be a Blademaster instead?

v2 story5) We know that "hotaru" means "firefly" in Japanese, but since Hotaru kept her name in both the manga and the anime, couldn't "Hotaru" be kept as the name in this case? Also, the "???" after Hotaru's name in the character introduction weren't necessary.

v2 character introductions) could the "likes/dislikes" section of each character be a little more coloquial rather than a literal translation?

I wonder if both AI Buster volumes will be re-printed with all typos fixed; but if it were to be re-printed, I don't think I'd buy them again. But then again, I'm just a volume-3 book away from having the Legend of the Twilight manga series TWICE!! (.hack makes me do strange things...) So maybe I will get both AI Buster books again.

Thanks for reading through my rants/nitpicking. Sorry if it makes anyone feel bad from pointing out the faults.


Q.1) Pole Arm and Twin User are probably direct translations from Japanese that have not undergone proper refining.

Q.2) They are two words.

Q.3) Nobody will criticize you if you don't capitalize them but its just more proper. (Then again, nobody in the world of online gaming capitalizes anything unless the whole sentence is in caps)

v1p70) Nobody uses brachets in MMO's.

v1p54/81) Houses are not instanced areas. In "The World" you can buy an actual house in root cities. Also, they never joined parties (in the book, Albeiro uses team chat to talk to Hokuto during his chat with Orca and Balmung) Oh, you can also give people your member address without having them give you theirs.

v2 story3) Translation is a very tricky business. The japanese language has no "L"'s by default so they use "R"'s instead. When translated to English, either can take root, depending on the translator's mood :D

v2p163) Sanjuro is a Heavyblade. You learn so from the .hack// video game series.

v2p151) Bridgit is a Blade Master. It is stated in the second .hack//AI Buster book on page 137.

v2 story5) This logic escapes me as well.

v2 character introductions) The ability of the translator is determined by their experiences in regions of the world, so this translator may lack certain knowledge to elaborate the likes/dislikes.


Has anybody been watching .hack//ROOTS on Cartoon Network? It's on saturday mornings at 5am!!! Episode #3 is tomorrow. had a poll asking (members only, it's over now) which character they prefer to be on the t-shirt that WILL be in the Limited Edition DVD #1 w/box (t-shirt, soundtrack, manga?) just like the first .hack//SIGN DVD volume.

Emerge about a necro... :D

anyway...i didnt know it was on cartoon network. i remember i was trying to dl a fansub and it got licensed like a few episodes in so they didnt get to finish it. i might check this out. BIG "might"; i love sleep so im pretty much dead to the world at 5 A.M. :?


yep. i d/l-ed i think up to epi 7 and then it got licensed. which is good, 'cuz ROOTS weren't avi files anymore. :/ i wish i could have voted for that t-shirt design.(oh well) and i program my vcr to record ROOTS(yet still in the dark ages when it comes to DVDs... i still use tapes to record), but i think there are things called DVD-R players and recorders. i'm not that sure.


"buying" what? Into the concept of .hack? Or do you mean "buying" the .hack//ROOTS anime season when it comes out on DVD? ...the answer is 'yes' on my part.

Darryl Mendoza

Have you guys played .hack//GU yet? I bet you have. I just love the addition of the Rengeki system! I just how you can't use [person] at the end of the game. I knew i should've leveled up [person]. The attack system is more polished and refined than the old school .hack. MAN< I got soooo addicted to this game when I first turned it on and picked up the controller. I just can't wait to get the second volume! I also hope that the 2nd volume comes in a special edition.
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Yeah, i got GU on the day it came out. The battle systems alot nicer than the previous .hacks. Unfortunately I beat GU too quickly so I haven't had much else to play these last few weeks >< Also, the arena gets waaaaaaay too easy after you beat the game. I'm only level 49 and I can take out the lvl 50 teams no problem >< I'd have to not do anything for about 10 minutes before they get me down to half health....

Darryl Mendoza

I know what you mean. The arena is way to easy after you beat the game. And the story driven arena fight with Alkaid (who happens to be my favorite character for some reason), I would have won that without the avatar,but according to the game, I was "no match". That was retarded, I just needed to do a little more to beat her too. She barely took down any of my health and I destroyed her partners.

I guess I like Alkaid because she reminds of Soi Fong off of Bleach.
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Quote from: "adult toys m"Hrm. Anyone buying this?

lol...look at the bot's name. it doesnt seem like its a company you wanna buy refrigerators from :D