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Author Topic: Energy Drink "Bar" at Fanime  (Read 22435 times)

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Re: Energy Drink "Bar" at Fanime
« Reply #80 on: November 24, 2007, 08:13:37 AM »

A lot of people are repping Bawls. I used to like them, but I'm not sure why, now-- they're actually kind of bland and don't really keep me awake, anymore. I like Vault and Rockstar...

I'd suspect serving energy drinks to hundreds of people at Fanime would get pretty expensive, though. There's already a "food court" that is pretty overpriced from what I've heard, and serving energy drinks would probably be expensive to purchase too, to keep up profit.

As a head member of the staff, formerly known as Rovers, the idea of an "Energy Drink Bar" frightens me. I shudder at the thought of thousands of otaku running around the con-- each hopped up on 2 Bbawlz, 3 Red Bulls, and a Go Girl... They would have to enforce a 3 drink/day limit or something maybe even make it 18+ only, just to keep someone from drinking too much caffeine and end up having heart palpitations or arrhythmia. On the other hand, I would love to be able to pop over to the drink bar and get my can of "cocaine" entering my 12th consecutive hour on shift...

People are already pretty hyperactive at cons. I can't imagine how it'd be to have an energy drink bar.

But then again, there are exhausted staffers and the few who tire themselves out or patrol the con late at night lacking the energy to do anything the next day.

I think an "energy drink bar" already exists at Fanime; I think it's called Starbucks and it should be located near the Hilton side.

Jokes aside, 'tis a very good idea, but not a feasible one at that. You're serving drinks in a sense that your performing a type of food service, and this would probably nip the bud of the SJCC in turn.

Coffee never really does it for me-- but then again, energy drinks only keep me awake, rather than energize me to perform extreme physical action... other than Burn. That stuff is pretty scary. I was surprised I didn't get caffeine poisoning from my first sip.

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