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Author Topic: 2006 Masquerade Groups Listing  (Read 1528 times)

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2006 Masquerade Groups Listing
« on: June 01, 2006, 07:19:24 PM »

For those who filmed the Masquerade and were wondering what the groups were named and the proper order. Also, for those complaining about walk-ons, you can see the 11 Display (walk-on) below, and the 42 Performance (skits). I simply do not think we are going to be able to get a better ratio than that. They were actually much more spread out than I thought too. Soooo.... I guess I'm still not sure what y'all mean by "too many walk ons".

Special   Ani-Music Unlimited   Seating Music
Movie   Traveling Valentine Presents....   
Special   Amanda Holland   Karaoke Winner
Special   Stage Ninja Skit   
1   Team Flex    [Performance]
2   Sexy in Red    [Performance]
3   *WITHDRAWN*   
4   Funkadelic Disco Soul    [Performance]
5   animal party    [Performance]
6   ChibiLuna    [Performance]
7   Hoshikage    [Display]
8   The Mushroom Brigade    [Performance]
9   Gomu Mochi    [Performance]
10   Kingdom Hearts II    [Display]
11   One Piece Idol    [Performance]
12   Con Artist Cosplay    [Performance]
13   Soul Society    [Performance]
14   Bleachy kids    [Performance]
15   The Amano Tsukiko Addict    [Performance]
16   Wii are Ninjas    [Performance]
17   Yu-Ri-Pa INC.    [Performance]
18   Sugar High    [Performance]
19   Yoshitaka Amano FFVI    [Display]
20   TeniMyUSA    [Performance]
21   Gainax Boy Productions    [Performance]
22   Full Metal Alchemist    [Performance]
23   D.gray-Myu    [Performance]
24   Desert Chikins    [Display]
25   NeoRomance Addicts Anonymous    [Display]
26   AstroSexy Cosplay    [Performance]
27   Resident Evil Cosplayers Society    [Performance]
28   I Can't Believe It's Not Better    [Performance]
29   Slightly Regrettable    [Display]
30   Advent Children    [Display]
Special   Maiyu with Luno   
31   LiT - Lost in Translation    [Performance]
32   Final Fantasy Shiny Things    [Performance]
33   D.Gray-man Hell    [Performance]
34   Kakkoii    [Performance]
35   Honto ni? Hai Honto ni?    [Display]
36   HCC Cosplay    [Performance]
37   Kyouteki Cosplay    [Performance]
38   Japanese Rednecks    [Performance]
39   iPLAY    [Performance]
40   Memoirs of a Dynasty Warrior    [Performance]
41   Project Victory Cosplay Theatre (PVC Theatre)    [Performance]
42   Sinfully Delicious    [Performance]
43   Yami no Matsuei    [Performance]
44   Someday our Prince Will Come    [Performance]
45   Crossed    [Display]
46   Monte Cristo    [Display]
47   Bob 5    [Performance]
48   Trow    [Display]
49   Wings    [Performance]
50   Final Fantasy Fans    [Performance]
51   Tenjou Tenge Takes a Hike    [Performance]
52   Princess Mononoke    [Performance]
53   Angel Hearts    [Performance]
Special   USA Musume


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2006 Masquerade Groups Listing
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2006, 01:50:20 AM »

thanks for taking the time to post this up and taking your job so seriously! (:

for me, the walk-ons seemed to have worn their welcome when it got to the point where the set-up was often as long as, if not longer than, the walk-on itself. there were at least three separate occasions where i caught myself saying, "is that it?" i think someone in the main feedback thread suggested that walk-ons should be announced as such.. i think if the audience is expecting it, it won't feel like such a drag.

look for mikuru @ fanime 2007 (;


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2006 Masquerade Groups Listing
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2006, 12:37:36 AM »

my question is does any one have any of it recored?? cuz i wanta see it
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