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Author Topic: need advice from artist's row veterans.  (Read 1911 times)

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need advice from artist's row veterans.
« on: August 28, 2006, 05:13:44 PM »

i am planning on selling things at fanime at the artist's row, in case you guys did not know this.

i would like to know a few things. i would like to know them now so i have time to deal with them before next may.

well, i am going to be selling plenty of lolita acessories, but i am also planning on selling art prints. i have a few questions about said art prints that i would like to ask you all and get opinions on.

what sizes would you buy? (i was thinking 4x6 and 8x10, but maybe one smaller size)

how much would you pay for each size? (i was thinking maybe $1~2 for 4x6 and $4~5 for 8x10, because that seems to be about the average if i remeber correctly, help me out here.)

would you buy them if they were printed on photographic paper (so its developed just as a photograph would be, on the same paper, either glossy or matte (i need opions on that, too), only they woudl be drawings) or would you prefer an actual printed (not developed like photo paper would be) piece of paper of medium thickness (such as an unlaminated poster)? (i ask this because i know that costco does pretty cheap digital developing, and i have not looked into kinkos or anything for an actual printed piece of paper.)

do i have enough to too many pictures, and which ones (if you can remember, i should get links of the candidates) should i use? (i was thinking my new year's one, hakoniwa, satoumizu, BCL contest, nurse, rie's birthday/masquerade contest, and maybe bodaiju)

should i do more cutesy fanservicy ones (nurse, new year's, etc.), more serious ones (hakoniwa, BCL contest, etc.), or have an equal mix of both? (it is not very equal now. i was thinking i need more fanservice! xD)

how many should be printed up of each size? obviously more 4x6 ones then 8x10, but i have no idea how popular these would be. give me a random estimate, keeping in mind the attendance figures for fanimecon (look on wikipedia). (besides, i can always sell excess on under the banyan once i get it up (the webpage portion), but i do not want TOO many)

thank you very much. ^-^;; sorry for having so much. XD
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