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Author Topic: Sugestions for the money challenged  (Read 1517 times)

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Sugestions for the money challenged
« on: December 29, 2006, 01:26:30 PM »

So I was thinking about this the other day...

Every year, people complain about how much they have to pay for their room for the term of the con. To fix this problem people normally -
A.) Cram as many people in to a room as possible and split the cost, or
B.) Don't get a hotel room and lurk around trying not to fall asleep under a table.

Problems with A are it's against hotel policy and two, really really cramped.
Problems with B are it's really hard to stay away for 4 days and you're not allowed to sleep in the halls, and you will get the dreaded OTAKU FUNK (Meaning you don't shower for 4 days)

My solution to this? Get a hotel room one night!

Shower before you get to the con Friday.
Keep your belonging in your car and park in one of the car lots.
Friday night if you find yourself falling asleep, go watch some anime.
Saturday check in to your hotel, shower, and sleep.
Check out of your hotel Sunday.
Do the same thing as Friday night for Sunday night.
Then Monday, go home, shower, and sleep.

This works for those who can pull late nights, have one or two friends who are willing to do it with you, and can spare the money for one night- split or not.

This does not work for cosplayers – (You need a place to change, do makeup and keep your clothing. Suck it up and get the room for 3 nights.) and those who fall asleep easy or need 8 hours of sleep.

I, myself, am not doing it, but I’d thought I’d throw it out there as an alternative.
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