Les Miserables

Started by Jun-Watarase, March 09, 2007, 12:31:06 PM

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I've seen the musical but there's an anime? I'm not sure if you guys had already known this, but that's pretty interesting! Has anyone seen it? How is it? Do they sing the songs?

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I've been following and thus far I consider it a good watch.
Rather easy-going, makes you cringe just a little in specific parts (I mean, come on, look at the title), and the main character is very sweet.
I personally can not compare it to any other adaptations as I have had no exposure to them, but as it stands by itself- Try it.  

I recommend watching it by yourself in a relaxed environment for full effect.


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Yay, Haruko.


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Oh my...


XD OMG wait what first the book, now a play then a movie now an anime

oh my :d who plays jean claude


I expected Eponine to be prettier. xD;

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Bringing this back up, because, hello. owo/

Shoujo Cosette is such a ridiculous anime but I can't help but love it all the same!


LES MIS MARATHON!!! :D Dreamy Marius oo

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Oh my gosh, I didn't know there is an anime!!! :D I'm a HUGE fan of the movie and the broadway play! Haven't read the book though (and a fellow addict friend of mine hate me for it) but I'm just in love with the story. Did they stick to the story, or did they change a things, settings, etc... like what was done in Romeo X Juliet?
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