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« on: May 07, 2007, 08:11:23 PM »

Hello Fanime Forum Surfers!

Let me start by saying i know this could be (on some level) completely unorthodox, however i have found myself in a very desperate and binding situation.

i am unable to attend Fanime this year.

Le gasp, oh no!

Oh yes, it has become a very threatening reality, as have many other events in my life. Things right now are very, very complicated for me being a 17 year old girl attending school, dealing with relationships, and enduring major family issues, and i am sadly unable to pull away for the weekend to attend the convention.

i purchased a weekend badge and i am looking for someone to sell it to. i have already paid for it, and desperately need to recoop my finances. i paid $55 for it initially, however would be willing to sell it to another loyal fan in need for $50.

What can i say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

The only other delemia (aside from my personal life) is that i purchased the badge with a group. i have easy, simple arrangements for whomever interested wishes to purchase a full weekend badge from me for a tad bit less than they are being sold for now. My friends are still going, and if i can find someone to purchase the badge, the person in question would meet up with one of my friends nearby the convention (or at any safe location near or prefferably in the convention center/hotel...i want everyone to feel comfortable) and would exchange $50 (cash, please) for the badge. i'm not asking for payment online, seeing as the only way i would be able to get the badge to the interested party is when the convention begins, and i don't want any party in this transaction to feel vulnerable to losses.

i understand that this may be against the rules, however i am really in a desperate situation, and after contacting the Fanime Staff, was assured i would be given no compensation or refund.

i am very frusterated, and hoping i can reach some sort of compromise. i really need a refund, and i hope someone really needs a discount.

Thank you!

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