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Author Topic: My 2009 Cosplay idea  (Read 754 times)

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My 2009 Cosplay idea
« on: December 13, 2007, 10:35:40 AM »

*maybe spoilers* I know I ahead of the game, but I like planing ahead.

Deidara Final attack, It's with out the coat, so it's a bit cheaper for me, and mostly I'd need the side bags of clay, and black marker. I's still in the planing stage.*wGs8HVa0A*m92npQhqomnS!diwL7wHUwQjdPQO!*j73wmk74xCg3m84Kk0UYEfpwLCbvDltDtNpSxeue8fWvoAF5wyQbOxaFtYBk/P?dc=4675647140766839946*Q346H*CFV2QNIitRbYAGyhiKwmPiJ6xuGEHwR7QRxZS2xrEFWrdzGJaA3QU7TZNnYyrf!bLmpyZDxw!Y82OXYsB5htPJbY/P?dc=4675647140773700759

Just to show you what is looks like!
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