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Author Topic: Age&Name..?  (Read 1030 times)

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« on: March 22, 2008, 04:28:59 PM »

Okay, so me and my friends might go to fanime this year, but this is our first time ever going

About the age, we will both be 15 and we're going alone, but it seems that we need a person 18+ to book a hotel, and get registered. is that the case? or can we ask our parents to book the hotels, and go there alone?

also, me and my friend go by nicknames, and would like the nicknames on the badge, instead of our real names. is that possible? and if it is, i'm worried that if i go to pick up our badges, then the name on the badges and our identification would be different.

Also, about the identification, do you have to be 18+ to receive your badge? I'm a little apprehensive about bringing a passport to fanime, and school id doesn't work either.

if you can answer these questions asap, it would be very much appreciated!


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Re: Age&Name..?
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2008, 05:20:20 PM »

Please enter your legal full name for your badge. ^^;; And yes, you do need an 18 or older person to book your room. You can get your parents to book the hotel, check in, and check out for you. They can't just book the hotel with you.
You can have your nicknames entered as your fan name.

For a state I.D., you can be of any age. :3 My best friend got hers when she was 13... I think.
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Re: Age&Name..?
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2008, 01:48:48 PM »

The page for filling out registration should have a little box that says "Fan Name:", which would be where you enter whatever you want to actually be printed in large letters on the badge. Fanime's really good about having the fan name bigger than your real name on the badges. But where it asks for your name, put down the name your parents gave you when you were born. It makes it easier for all involved, and your nicknames will still be on the badge.

For hotels, you actually don't have to be 18+ to do the booking, but you have to be 18+ to check into the room. (this rule changes in other states; I'm sure as hell glad it's not 21+ to check in in CA) Which means that your parents will need to be the ones to go up to the front desk and sign in and receive the keys, and depending on the hotel (meaning what type of check-out system they have; the Hilton is really nice and simple- they slip the receipt under your door the morning you check-out, and unless you have any issues with it, like 5 movies you didn't watch, you're free to leave), you will also need to be 18+ to check out, review the charges, and finalize payment.

When you say 18+ to receive your badge are you talking about the Fanime badges or the government-issued IDs? Either way, you don't have to be 18+. If you're over 16, you have a greater chance of having a govn't issued ID in the form of a driver's license, but anyone under that age is eligible to get a regular ID card. If you need to get a state ID, I'd say do it soon, because it's handled by the DMV, who are notorious for their delays. If you've got a passport, I'd say bring it; you save $23, don't have to deal with the DMV, and it's easy enough to keep it on your person at all times. (I keep my ID with me at all times at cons anyways, passport or not)
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