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This is assuming that you guys can tell that im cosplaying as them o_O right??

Plus im not all that skinny --->
Lets say my friends arent the fan of cosplaying, plus my dad doesnt have anything but polo shirts x__x

Remember, im a deprived child... meaning:

1) Dont know how to bike
2) Dont know how to swim
3) Never been fishing before
4) Chubby
5) Any questions? >__<
Only thing I got fanime last year was that kung fu costume, but its not an actual cosplay... so raiding the closet is pointless.

Plus you're talking about a guy's closet... we dont have anything besides weapons and swords o_o
Its not the only pressure I have besides finding the cosplay. I have school and exams to study for too... so getting my cosplay ready is pretty hard without help x__x
Then I lost all hope for cosplaying >__<. Ok i'll see you overthere....
Perhaps another cosplay ? o_O
Awww..... I feel so screwed... want to lend me one at fanime? ;D
Ehh... That will be a problem x__X........ anyone near Riverside want to go with me? xD
my dad doesnt have anything like that, and lets say its kind of hard to reach parents at the moment <---------UCR student ;P

ADDED: Any other things I can choose? o_O?
Problem is that I'll have a hard time trying to find a place to rent it, let alone getting to a mall to buy the stuff.. I was thinking perhaps buying it online would be the best, but I dont know where to look x__x

Should I just give up my idea?

Here you go, or I think its from one of the Episodes from Black Lagoon o_o;
So fanime is in about a week and I wanted to cosplay as Mr. Chang from Black Lagoon. Problem is that I dont know where to get all the cosplaying stuff from and I'm short on time. What should I do? Any help or suggestions? Thank you ;D.

Btw... My name is Peter, and ill be at Fanime for sure with cosplay or no cosplay ;P