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Quote from: "Ekac"
Quote from: "evilmonkeh"
The people in the crowded elevator who yelled "SPARTAAA!!" at me..

You either were a Spartan Cosplayer, or you were in the Elevator with one.

...there are no other options, there is no C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y or Z options.

nope, i was just waiting to catch an elevator up to my room and this really crowded elevator stopped on the floor i was on and all the people in it yelled sparta at me O_o
I'd like to give a shout out to...

The people who liked me and my friends for riding the elevators just standing in the corners with our backs faced to everyone.

The random person who grabbed my ass while riding the elevator... o_O

The 4 or 5 guys that me and my friends met the first day and became friends with

All the people i got to take pictures of

4chan guys

Pizza guy..... >_>

The people in the crowded elevator who yelled "SPARTAAA!!" at me..
Quote from: "K&K4ever"how long did you guys stay like that?

ont saturday we were on for an hour or two... we would also change places when no one was on the elevator :P
hahah wow... i'm totally saving those pictures :] fun times guys... we need to do it again xD
Quote from: "madmanlotar"I like the pics, very creepy.

:o you saw pics? where are they?
Quote from: "K&K4ever"I wasn't there when you guys were there but I roomed in the Meriot,  :? what day was this. :?:

The first time we did it was on saturday twice around noon and then around 4 i think. Then we did it once on sunday for a while around 1 or 2.
Quote from: "Dreyfuss"Now I regret not riding with you guys :roll:

you should of :] maybe next year if we're all there.
really?? i never knew that, we kinda just decided to do that to waste time and see what people would do or say.... speaking of which... my ass got grabbed alot o_o;
General Convention Discussion / :]
May 30, 2007, 07:37:16 AM
haha, i was wondering when someone would post this. I'm one of the corner people :P

I had no idea that we actually freaked people out.. o_O