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Gaming / Norcal (SJ/SF) Slash/MBAC Tourney 9/22
September 16, 2006, 08:57:45 PM
Hey guys, I'm having a Slash/MBAC gathering and small Slash tournament this
Friday, September 22, at my house in Redwood City (about 20 miles South of
San Francisco) from 1PM-1AM. If you're interested in coming drop me an email
at [email protected] and I'll give you directions and contact info.
Here's a link to my post about it in the NorCal Dustloop thread:

don't pm please :P.
Gaming / Melty Blood FT / Eternal Fighter Zero competition
September 16, 2006, 07:34:13 PM
hey tsubasa, there is a mb/slash meet this friday a bit further north from sunnyvale. Email/PM/aim me for more info, maybe we can organize some formal MB/EFZ meets there, which would be nice.

chippermonky at yahoo dot com
aim: guwath

(aim/email may be better than PMing me..)
Quote from: Tsubasa
Quote from: deepbluevibes(removed per privacy policy)
I resent that statement because I abhor the MvC series.  I would say Melty = GG.  To reinforce that, the MB system even incorporates some very GG-esque elements.  It lacks the ever important RC system though.

I agree, MB is nothing like MvC and far more similar to GG. I really find no point in comparing combo systems: No matter what game it is, combos are based off memorization and accuracy, regardless of whether it is KOF or MVC. Combo system may add competition to the game in the same sense that they have DDR competitions. The heart of the game lies in initiating these combos, and not the combos themselves. IN this sense, Melty blood can be just as deep as any other ftg. Other elements like seal add more depth to the game as well.

btw, did someone say garou. Anyone wanna play :D?
Oookay, it's thurday, fanime starts tommorow, lets organize this!

I have a couple friends who play MBFT and will hopefully bring their laptops. I'll bring my adapter, and if you bring a ps2 controller, feel free to use my adapter. There are sockets in the concourse and no artrow tables there, hopefully staff wont mind us mooching space over there.

Anyone who wants to play, bring your laptop. It's alright if you don't have MBFT on it, I'll have a couple copies to spare.

Tsubasa, what do you look like lol? check PM or email.
Quote from: deepbluevibes(removed per privacy policy)

Seconded. Melty blood is far from simple, though I agree it looks a bit simple. Each different ftg takes on a different style which will produce a different gameplay requiring different tactics for optimum effect. melty blood might not have quite as many options, and a buttery combo system, but it's more than a game of rock paper sissors. You should try out the PC version yourself. If you ask me, it's one of the more fun single player fighting games. probably wasted more time on it than I did with garou.
4 because there is kof XI and a nice array of other popular fighting games. I really wish you could get melty blood act cadenza and hokuto no ken though :). But that's wishful thinking.
Gaming / Custom Sticks: anyone interested?
May 05, 2006, 10:40:48 PM
Scratch that idea. Small power tool accident, but It'll still be a while before I dare pick up a tool again. I'll have plenty for next year though. :). Since I'm on break from power tools, anyone interested in custom etched naruto head bands :D. (No harrowing experience to scare me away from chemicals).
Gaming / Guilty Gear Isuka Station?
April 28, 2006, 07:53:02 PM
I have the PC version, and my art row table is available for excessive crowding. No socket though. If anyone wants it on their laptop, hunt me down. (as in send me an email so I can tell you where to find me)
Gaming / Custom Sticks: anyone interested?
April 27, 2006, 05:01:48 PM
I can make the sticks just about any size you want. THe sticks I've made so far are like 12x8-9 ish. I'm almost certain I can do sticks compatible for more than one system. THe only thing that could go wrong is one console shorting out the other when not in use. Not an expert in electronics, but this probably wont happen . It'll cost more though.  I'd reccomend a converter.

Balltop FTW.
Gaming / Custom Sticks: anyone interested?
April 26, 2006, 11:59:14 PM
oh crap, I forgot I posted here!

First off, I sholud mention that I wont have enough sticks ready by fanime to sell, only my crappy ones, but if you want those than send me an email or something ([email protected]). In light of that however, if you live local. I can make one for you over the summer and you can come over and test it/pick up. I will definitly be selling them next year at fanime with my own fancy table with a damn socket :).

as for the questions:

I'll try my best to custom anything that I can. Layout and art are no brainers, so if you want american style then I can do it.

If you're interested in Sanwa parts, himura game does sell them but they are overpriced. I got my set from Great prices for small orders, but takes forever to ship. for larger orders, you can try

I can make the sticks compatible for any system, though more obscure ones may be more pricy depending on how hard it is to get the PCB for it.

Korean style? pic please?

I can also put in there american style parts too if you want. Why you would want them I don't know... :P.

Oh if you want to try out what my sticks feel like, I'll actually have an art row with nothing on it cept a stick and a laptop. I'll happily let you try it.
Gaming / Custom Sticks: anyone interested?
April 03, 2006, 09:03:35 PM
I've recently introduced myself to the wonderful world of custom sticks and I was wondering if anyone going to fanime would be interested in buying one. They'll run at cheapest, 75, upwards 150, but keep in mind, they are hand made, and the parts inside are the most authentic kinds (same as what they use in arcades).

Just an idea as to what they look like, here are two I built in the last month. Of course, you can expect something better if you plan on buying one as I've gathered quite a bit of experience since.

and hopefully in two months, they'll look something like
the trick is, making friends with someone at an art row, and bumming of their space :).

I think for this fanime, I'm just gonna bring around a rolling backpack and say I'm cosplaying as yomiko readman or something (when in reality I'm just lazy).
heeeeyyy :D You think if we rant enough they'll give us a table with outlet :D?

*nudges kima*
Quote from: "Spiritsnare"Apparently, you weren't at Kima's table; she had a MB setup for people to play on. Don't know if she had EFZ.

Regardless, I'll be there for EFZ. Because I suck at it. XD Out of curiosity, have you upgraded to Memorial yet, and if not, which version of the game do you have?

or maybe that was me?

Quote from: "Tsubasa"I'll have my laptop there and will be able to host a game on it.  I'll have two PS arcade sticks with PS->USB adaptors and two USB keyboards hooked up, so people can play on either.

thank you!
I'm going to try my best and find an unused socket and table to set  up some laptops to play MBFT/EFZ/whatever else. I only have one laptop, so if anyone else cares to join the fun, please bring your own laptop with controllers.

I did this last year, and no one seemed to know what the hell I was playing, but a number of people were interested :P. It seems that these two games have gotten much more popular since, so hopefully more people will come this year :D.