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:] We'll find you around a convention. Our next one is Fanime. We plan to go out in our "Flexing Gear". If you're dedicating to egging on cosplayers and famous faces (ala Deter) to Flex, you're in. However, I think there's more details to that. Contact Jehuty on these boards and ask him.  : )
You belong to Team Flex now Oni. o_O We were also screaming Flex multiple times before you did.

"For every 10 who dislike us, there are 50 behind us."
Stay tuned because "the lot of us" will be at Fanime. :D
:D I can answer that.

A group of friends and I are "Team Flex". Started by our friend Matt, we are set out to go to cons and bring on flexing.
I think they have Kanon. The store owner just back from Japan yesterday, so you can go and check it out if you can find it! haha.

He also plans to get a shipment of good luck cats in like the one he has on the righthand shelf by the doorway at the top. I plan to pick one up on my scheduled monthly visit.
Muahahaha sweetums. *glomps him* I'll make a cool costume for you ... literally! That way hellangel would only be able to choose from sashimi and/or raw eggs. Aside from that.... Tech Museum? I can have Alphonse pose by the ball structure they have there or something.

Why don't we go to the park as well? I think the fountains should be working as well that day and it's right across the street.
:P Bakachan asks only craft foam that you can get at Michaels. It's cheap and affordable.

I wish TAP could help me with Alphonse... lol. ^_^ Have fun Kankaze.
:P That we do hellangel. ^_^ Wouldn't it be scary if we were on the same block? Wha ha ha. I'm across from Cuesta Park near the Church by Safeway.

Lev, my hubby will be just fine. ^_^ I was going to put him in reflective polystyrene at one point. THAT would have kept him cool. Cardboard would only be easier to work with.
XD I have two words for hellangel...
...............Cardboard Alphonse.
:P Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne is like Sailor Moon. Marron, the main character is like a smart Usagi Tsukino. You could probably get away with switching characteristics of ppl. Like... give Ami-chans intelligence to Venus and see what happens. Mina needs all she can get. :P You could also give Chibi-usa's assertiveness to like... Rei.
I meant Childrens Museum. :P If not, we can go to the city park and do it there. The Tech Museum may work too. There is also a small grassy knoll down the street on San Carlos near 87 too. I know that BSapphire knows what I'm talking about bc she and company have pictures posted either on here or on the bbs.
:P Glad ya stopped by, sweetums. *erases the double post* I'll be sure that my "poached salmon" husband is well taken care of.
:P Youkai! I found it. Thursday night at 1230am. Sank'yuu. ^_^
:\ apparently there's a person going as Armstrong, however it's a stuffed suit...

x_x I MISSED FMA... does it show on the weekdays? I heard at one point they show repeats on Thursday night though... gweh.
Sunday won't happen for us. If does, I'll be surprised. My group is on staff that day and we have the Der Cosplay meeting to go to. In the evening we have Der Cosplay and another gathing to go to.

You better get a big wheelbarrow. ^_^ My husband is very muscular and is pretty tall. Don't ask me to push him around lol. I'll make sure he gets taken care of when he's in Al.
>> NO FRIED EGGS! *clutches hellangels head* x_x Man, I love these Fanime bbs.. *hugs it* .. the ones can be rough on us designers. ;_;  People assume the worst things there. ANYWAYS... the lobby is fine... where's the lobby? Is that the "main hallway" of the con where the escalators and registration are? : ) If my sweetums is up for walking and if his knee is doing good, we can all go to the Children Museum and take pictures, although I don't want my guy to hold down the group. x_x I hope nothing happens to his knees. *prays and such*
Oh I hope that it's inside or where there's plenty of shade. :P I'm too worrysome about my hubby. He can't take alot of heat if left outside. Since he'll be wearing a black bodysuit underneath his costume, he'll be a nice fried egg underneath the armor.
General Anime Chat / Favorite Theme Song
February 11, 2005, 04:05:04 PM
My theme songs range usually dependant on my mood. Right now it's "Locolotion" by Orange Range. : )
Quote from: "hellangel"sorry about double posting, but...

where exactly do you guys want to meet? at the fountain? at the lobby? at the used-to-be-san-jose-library right next to the convention building?

also, i have the time scheduled in my planner as 12 noon on Saturday. is that okay for everyone?

Noon on a Saturday? MWEH! I'll see if I can get Alphonse there on time if that's the agreeable time.