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In my opinion, I think you should stick with Knight of Zero.
You were so convincing and totally epic as Knight of Rounds Suzaku that I'm having trouble seeing you cosplay as anything but Suzaku (Sorry for typecasting you  :P)

As for the whole "is it appropriate for the B&W Ball" thing: as long as it has the cape, KoZ is definitely formal attire.
Then again, I'm a guy who wears aloha t-shirts to funerals and whose Zero cosplay is the most formal attire I've ever owned in my life, so I may not be the best person to address this issue.

Hi all! I was the Zero / black side player.

I thought I would've made a better performance, since I was VP of my high school's chess club
(Granted, it had only 3 members and was the lesser of the school's 2 chess clubs - which was founded after some bitter drama between the club president and the other club's president, but I probably shouldn't elaborate here.)  :P

Oh well. The game was still totally fun-tastic though - kudos to my opponent, the organizers of the event, and everyone else involved. You can definitely count me in for next year!  ;D

I think we should move the gathering to Sunday.

As things currently are, we'll be directly competing with the Naruto gathering, as they are officially having it at the same time as ours (1 PM Saturday) - That's not such a great idea. If we moved it to Friday, I wouldn't be able to make it at all.  :(

I'll be coming as Zero (R2 Version) by the way.

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