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Hi! I'll be cosplaying as Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats :)
Would an ID be required for a 10 year old who looks older than their actual age?

Oh! And what's the difference between a child's badge and an adult badge (paper)? For this, I am just curious. I think it was the color last year, but I didnt have a paper badge, so I dont know for sure.
General Anime Chat / Death Note Anime October 3
November 24, 2006, 07:30:15 PM
the whole series was amazing I love L, he's my favourite character.

Yeah! L is so frikin awesome! *high five*

And his seiyuu makes him sounds shmexie ~<3!!

(And Light as well XD)
Hello Lee! Fanime is awesome! And I hope you have a blast there and on this forum, because we really are one big Fani-Family :3

Just a tip though: don't double-triple-quadruple etc...-post.

Anyway, HIIIIII!!!!!!! *gets hyper along with him* XDD
Quote from: "pngaou"Where's the new website? Where are the updates? 07's Fanime is only about 1/2 a year away.

I hope this isn't going to be reminiscent of Fanime 05, which was fairly crappy and plain.

// -___-
General Anime Chat / Death Note Anime October 3
November 03, 2006, 08:26:11 PM
Quote from: "mDuo13"Very good stuff these last two episodes. I'm wondering whether they'll make a note to mention that

Quote from: "Spoiler"since Ray Penbar wrote on the Death Note, he, like Light, cannot go to heaven or hell. Also, I guess we might get to find out what DOES happen to such people when they die - do they just disappear forever? I kind of suspect that they end up in the Death Gods' realm or something.


QuoteActually, in the end, when Light dies(Ryuk kills him of course), Ryuk said something that triggered Light's memory to the very moment where they met and when Ryuk first told him that "Death Note users go to neither heaven or hell", there's a "missing scene" that we never saw. Light turns around, smiles and says to Ryuk, "I know. There is no heaven and hell. There's jsut nothing after death...right?" or something like that. And Ryuk says that it is true.

But this information could be irrelavent because if that is true, then Ryuk wouldnt know, now would he? Unless the King of Shinigami have some kind of unrevealed secret....

I realized this a while back somewhere around chapter 70 of the manga when something similar to this occured...but I cant believe they did the same with the anime...

Look at how Light's eyes change slowly. They become more and more narrow with each passing they're becoming more...observing and cunning.

The anime is so damn accurate >.<
General Anime Chat / Death Note Anime October 3
October 23, 2006, 04:49:25 PM
Quote from: "Tsubasa"Dyn-Anime released the first two episodes subbed in Vietnamese.  Priceless. XD

GASP! *faints* ~w~
NEVER EVER EVER EVER go to Hot Topic. Their idea of a costume is a plastic Naruto Jumpsuit and a PLASTIC Naruto Wig. I nearly cried. And if you're thinking "Ooh, pretty Lolita shoes and skirts and...OMFG! IS THAT THIS MONTH'S ISSUE OF CURE MAGAZINE?!(I'm not lying, they have it)" well, it might look nice and oh so cute, and their anime stuff LOOK authentic...nuh-uh.(You can see I hate them with a passion ^^())

Plus, most cosplayers hate stuff from Hot Topic anyway. But first time cosplayers tend to buy their stuff there because: (A) It's convenient and (B) It LOOKS authentic.

The stores that are made JUST FOR Halloween are NOT good. And if you're planning on buying a wig, make sure you feel it and see if it feels like real hair...or at least soft. If it's course or feels like it was made of...wood or something, then dont get it. I suggest a wig made up of REAL hair. They're expensive and hard to get by, but if you see one, I suggest you buy it.

If you're planning on buying something on the internet, surf around to see if the particular website you're at has good reviews or not, to see if their products are good.

Dont go to Party City for things like costumes, wigs, or props. You might as well make it yourself.

Which brings me to another subject! *groans come from the background* Making a costume is much cheaper and much more fun then buying it. You should really just find some day where you're free and just drive around or drop buy your local mall and just browse. Maybe go to a Goodwill, if you can't find a fabric store, and buy a bunch of cheap T-Shirts. It's your first cosplay, you shouldnt take it too seriously.

...but never go to Hot Topic. >.<
Okie, tomorrow, my mom and I are gonna devote 3-4 hours to shopping for my halloween costume/cosplay. I shall be my own design of SnJ Sasuke. Lame, but his hair is so fun to do, and I cant wait to see the faces of those little Naruto nerdy fans at my school stare bewildered XDD

I live near Eastridge btw, in San Jose. So any place in that area would be great.

So yeah, I need maybe a good place that sells wigs(my mom has one in mind, but we have hours, so it'll be nice to have some more options :D). Something that wont tangle easily(PARTY CITY SUCKORZZ....>.>. At least for the wig that I bought x___x). And will be easy to cut and stylized into Sasuke's hair style.

Then I'll be needing some place that would sell some cheap fabric(or cheap shirts) for his Uchiha symbol on the back and/or his dark blue/black shirt (not sure about which one I'll be yet...proabably blue though, since Sasuke hasnt shown up in his black outfit here in America least from what I've heard O_O). I was thinking Goodwill?

Then his socks/leg-warmer thingies. WHERE IN THE WORLD DO I GET LEGWARMERS?! My friend's told me that there was this one booth at Eastridge that had them, but they left after like a week TT___TT. If I cant find leg-warmers, then what can I use as an alternative? Would Tube Socks work? Stripey black-and-white socks?

Also, face paint or crayons? I think I might try doing somewhat of the curse seal(not sure, looks like hard work). So is this a good idea? And if it is, which one should I use?

Please help if you can. And remember that I only have a few hours to do this and it has to be in the area. Oh yeah, and the cheapest price please. Any other help or ideas on a SnJ Sasuke would be greatly appreciated as well. I just barely have an idea of what it'll be like.

This is the first time I will be making a costume, so I'm very excited but nervous because I really dont know how to work stuff like this. >.<

Thanks for taking the time to read this heck o' a long post, and cookies to those who give help. :3
Post a picture if you wanna get hugged! I LOVE hugging! I've sorta made it the hallmark of my class ^^() now everyday, people either hug and/or glomp each other. We're such losers, we make hugging circles XD

I'm the glomping post -___- And apparently kissing too O__o! Perfectly fine with hugs~! :3

At the end of the con, I'll probably try that whole "running around and hugging most of the people b4 the con ends" thing again like I did for 06 8D
General Anime Chat / Ouran Koukou Host Club!
October 15, 2006, 05:01:23 PM
Quote from: "Kazuko"x: i heard that there was going to be a live action Ouran on some forum :3

but i denno if its true

:O Wont this be oh so very interesting...
General Anime Chat / Tips on making AMVs
October 12, 2006, 08:47:23 PM
It looks really really fun and all, and I have the program to use, music, and I sorta have the idea of slicing them together and all...but...

Where do I get clips? I heard that you can download other AMVs and use those clips(and that's good for beginners) or use entire anime episodes(which sounds harder).

So basically, where can I download some clips/AMVs? But I dont wanna download anything that has cookies or viruses or anything like that. So please make sure that the link(or w/e) you give me has safe downloadable material. ^__^ Thanks for any help!
I'm gonna be a Sasuke-Senshi (Sailor Sasuke) for Halloween, so I might make it to Fanime as it as well! XD
Quote from: "zoupzuop2"Ack. Am I one of the few that liked the series?

This probably means I should see more anime before passing judgement... 0_o

I like it. In fact I love the anime! ^^()

But your 9/10 for the musical quality is too WHOPPING for me. I mean, really nice music and all, but played at the TOTALLY wrong times. Sometimes it'll go on for too long, or it'll be too short, or they'll play something that'll kill the mood.

Like that part were Yuujirou was talking about his past, I didnt feel sympathy at all. Why? I found out later that the music killed it -__-
General Anime Chat / Death Note Anime October 3
October 11, 2006, 07:17:54 AM
Quote from: "LastElixir"i love series that start AFTER the manga is over. Atleast we won't expect to see much filler if any. This goes especially for jump. I always hated the fact most jump animes becomes filler-city while the manga is still great to read.

On a side note, im surprised that death note is what? 37 episodes? I wonder if they are going to stretch it a lot.


Death Note doesnt seem like it'll need that many episodes. It only has (what?) 10 volumes at MOST (right? I forget -__-)

The I'm guessing they'll introduce L maybe by the 7th-10th episode, then Misa by the...13th? Then that certain event happens that makes us all sad(RIP) might happen around the 20s-ish. Then yeah..............
Quote from: "zoupzuop2"Only problem is, stalkers =/= win. This is because these people being stalked aren't sure if you mean to GLOMP them, or, persay, do far worse or something. In either case, it's quite kah-ree-pay.

Interesting concept though.

Maybe it'd be better if we just walk off and if we see them again(NO STALKING) then attempt to glomp from behind. XD
General Anime Chat / Ouran Koukou Host Club!
October 09, 2006, 04:27:57 PM
Quote from: "-zoxan-"Dang it! I IRC like 2MB of the first episode, and I get the message that the bot has exceeded the monthly transfer limit, and I have to try again after the end of this month. Grrrrrrrrrr...

If you REALLY wanna watch it and fast...

...There's always YouTube.

*gets tomatoe'd*
General Anime Chat / Death Note Anime October 3
October 09, 2006, 04:16:57 PM
Quote from: "ced1106"Any good links to reviews or such about the manga?

aka. Washu! ^O^

Well, of course I'm gonna come to Anime News Network. Here's a very detailed review for the volume 1 of the manga:

And here's a good blog about the anime, if you're interested:
General Anime Chat / Death Note Anime October 3
October 09, 2006, 07:19:15 AM
Yeah! More Death Note Fans! XD
Quote from: "Desu"so this ISN'T dead. o_o;;

No...and now that the Death Note Anime has arrived (FINALLY! 2 years late!) we shall have more fans which thus = more cosplayers  :twisted: