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Hey guys! Hopefully this will mark my third year of running a Panel at Fanime. This time I am running another Percy Jackson Panel, it seemed my most popular one of the previous two that I have ran so far!
As always, I have multiple ways to be contacted in case you are interested, including here on the Fanime Forums.
I'm hoping to have the panel on Sunday between 3 p.m and 5 p.m

Characters Taken:
Annabeth Chase (me)
Grover Underwood
Thalia Grace
Nico Di Angelo
Rachel Dare
Piper Mclean
Leo Valdez
Percy Jackson

Characters needed:
Will Solace
Hazel Levesque

1. Must be 15 or older
2. Must have pajamas that relate to the character
3. Fill out a Google Form
4. Panelists must have more than one way of communication (Tumblr, Instagram, Email, ect.)
5. Please be active in the group chat whenever the group chat is assembled
6. When talking about about the panel (when and if it's accepted) you must be active (If you are too busy at to be in the panel you must drop out at least one month before the panel)

Contact information:
IG: therealannbethchase818
Tumblr: dragged-by-my-fringe
Email: [email protected]

(I'm mostly active on my Instagram and Tumblr, those two are the best way to get a hold of me.)

Hey guys! I still need a Shiro for the panel, if anyone is interested, feel free to contact me!
Updated character list:
Hey guys! Last year I hosted a Percy Jackson panel and everyone seemed to like it so, I thought I would host another panel for next year! This time I was thinking of hosting a Voltron panel, one where the paladins are in their bathing suits and it's a beach themed panel.
Hopefully this time I will get a better panel day, time and room unlike last year.

Characters Needed:
Lance McClain
Shiro Takashi

Characters already taken:
Keith Kogane
Hunk Garrett
Pidge Gunderson
Matt Holt

Requirements to join the panel:
1.You must be at least 15
2.You must have most of the cosplay done by March
3.Be able to stay in character
4.Message me on tumblr or on here with your complete cosplay (Or with whatever you have)
Fill out a google form  (This is so I can keep track of all my panelists, it was really helpful
last year.)

Contact information:
Tumblr: dragged-by-my- fringe
Facebook: Dani Cohen
Email: [email protected]
(I had already posted this post before but it was deleted somehow)
I'll be cosplaying Fem!Keith hopefully in a red lion kigurumi, if not, then I'll be in a casual cosplay. I'm really excited to cosplay Fem!Keith for the first time! :D
Hey guys! I still need quite a few characters for my panel! If anyone is interested at all please contact me! Please contact me on here or tumblr if you are interested!

If you would like to join the panel you can also fill out this google form and make sure your cosplay is complete:
Hi! I am planning on hosting a Percy Jackson panel at Fanime this year and I'm looking for characters!

How to audition:
1. Must be above the age of 14 
2. Must have most of the cosplay for the character
3. PM me on Tumblr or Facebook
4. Attach a picture of your full cosplay or half of whatever you have

Characters needed:
Will Solace
Reyna Ramirez
Frank Zhang

Characters already taken:
Annabeth Chase
Piper Mclean
Rachel Dare
Percy Jackson
Hazel Levesque
Nico di Angelo
Leo Valdez
Jason Grace

Contact info:
Facebook: Dani Cohen
Gmail: [email protected]

Update: The panel has been accepted! It will take place on Sunday May 28th 9:00-10:00 am in panel room 4!