Started by eveeleon, February 25, 2016, 01:50:00 PM

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Are there any carpool forums for famine? I will be in Los Angeles for school when Fanime comes along and was wondering if anyone wanted to carpool up there? If there isn't a 2016 Fanime carpool forum already, I'll create a more formal version.  :)


How many people? I have room for 1 or 2 people. Unless we decide to rent a van or a small bus to use as a carpooling station haha.

The three of us are all non-cosplayers, so if you are a cosplayer or not, we should have no problem with luggage. We are driving up from near Palm Springs.


Sorry for the late reply! Do you still have room available? I go to Cal State LA, and it would only be me, not much luggage is needed since I live close to the convention center, just going down here for school.


Just saw this and I would love to get a ride and can help with gas funds would rather do this than take a bus up.


Hi! Yeah, I'm looking if there is a carpool thread/site as well. (I wish I could plan with you guys, but I'm from the complete opposite direction in San francisco, lol)
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Good question. Though I myself may need to carpool with someone on Thursday. I live in Stockton. ;n;

Any help would be appreciated!! <3 And yes, I checked Amtrak and there are no trains going from Stockton to San Jose on Thursday. Dx So that is not an option. :(

EDIT: Nevermind!! Found transportation!! ^^ See you all there!!!!
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