Gravity Falls gathering?

Started by Ruzuki, March 14, 2016, 12:12:49 PM

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Is anyone hosting a gathering for Gravity Falls? I looked through the threads, but could only find some from last year.
I would have thought it would would still be pretty big, seeing as it only just ended...

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I would love to attend a Gravity Falls meetup, but I don't have the expertise to host one. Is anyone else interested...?
When we were young, we used to say that you only hear the music when your heart begins to break... now we are the kids from yesterday.


Someone made a Disney gathering, since no one seems that interested in a Gravity Falls one I figured Id just go to that, since Gravity Falls is technically Disney lol.


I'm definitely extremely interested in a gathering! I'm going to be Weirdmageddon Wendy, and I have a Stan, Ford, and Mabel in my group! We've thought about hosting, but don't really know what's involved in it. The Disney general gathering will be massive, and there are usually a ton of Gravity Falls cosplayers so....I dunno? We can't decide what we want to do, but we definitely want a gathering.


Ill be going as Bill.
The only other gathering Ive gone to was an SAO one, and it seemed like we just met up, took pictures, and left. So it doesn't actually seem complicated, but I dont really want that responsibility...
If there's gonna be tones of Gravity Falls cosplayers at the Disney gathering, I feel like we may as well go to that and decide what to do from there...?


Hey guys, I went as Soos last year with my fiance' as Wendy. It pretty much was just meeting up in a centralized spot and taking a bunch of photos before dispersing.  I'll be on the lookout for all GF cosplayers as I will be handing out badge ribbons!  As far as making a gathering happen one just needs to submit the information and desired time into the submission thread.


For anyone still interested in a Gravity Falls meetup, there is a Disney Extended Universe gathering that we could meet at. Its a bit more encompassing than the general Disney gathering, since it basically includes anything Disney has a hand in.

Day: Sunday
Time: 10-11 am
Location: G9 - Grass Steps Outside of Registration