The Black & White Ball is giving away patches!

Started by Okach, May 14, 2017, 09:14:55 PM

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PATCH GIVEAWAY! In honor of the tenth anniversary of the Black & White Ball we are giving away 2016 velcro patches! And yes, we are shamelessly plugging various events and programs this way!

Here's what the patch looks like:

FIRST GIVEAWAY! On Friday at 4PM @ Stage Zero, the Black & White Ball will be putting on the Infinite Dance Challenge! Want to see various Black & White Ball staff members perform all sorts of varied and interesting dance games so that audience members can win secret prizes? This is your jam!

SECOND PATCH GIVEAWAY! On Saturday at 9AM (yeah, we know it's early) Black & White Ball staff will be in attendance for the "Shall We Dance?" panel in Panel Room 3 put on by first time attendee Trickssi! What's the panel about? In Trickssi's words -

"The panel "Shall We Dance" will cover the 1996 film of the same name, the manga "Welcome to the Ballroom," the game "Princess Debut," what pro ballroom is like behind the scenes, what social dance is like, and the start of some etiquette and tips, if there's time."

Hey, sounds like our kind of panel! (^_-)

THIRD PATCH GIVEAWAY! The Infinite Dance Challenge is not the only time that the Black & White Ball will be at Stage Zero! We will also be handing out patches during the Prop Challenges on Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 3pm! The Prop Challenges are smaller scale versions of the Infinite Dance Challenge where the staff will dance with various props and have silly fun in the process!
And we're still not done with Stage Zero! We will be also performing straight dance demos at 11am on both Saturday and Sunday! It's less silly than the Challenges, but still just as fun! No patches will be given out during the 11am performances.

Stay tuned for our last giveaway!
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