Touhou Project Gathering 2014

Started by Kotuea, January 19, 2013, 05:22:18 PM

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Touhou Tea Party?

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We do have an hour for the gathering! When I first looked at the schedule I thought it was going to be "this OR that." XD

The Touhou gathering is considered a 60+ gathering, so we have one hour!

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We had about fourty five last year, but we did have sixty plus in 2010 and slightly less in 2011. I defientely could see a rebound back to sixty or more this year. Fanime's Touhou gathering is the biggest of all the anime conventions in the west.

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3pm it is. Still gives me plenty of time for Valkyria Chronicles that morning.
Also on DA as Scarlet-Impaler!


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Close to twenty people for the after gathering, really excited for how things are looking. I've met alot of awesome Touhou fans from around the Bay Area, and certainly looking to forward to meeting more.


Okay! Confirmation is sent!

Attention! Not sure if this is going to be a problem, but just in case. We might have to share the gathering location with another gathering. HOWEVER, looking at the schedule, there seems to be no gathering that might conflict with that. Just putting that out there.

Also! I have an idea to put the the table regarding the mini-after gathering thingy.
There are a couple parks nearby and maybe we can do a mini picnic or something. We can play games while we're out there.
This is just a suggestion anyway. I'm a bit concerned about the number of people wanting the after-gathering mini party getting food... So much crowding...

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Which other gathering?

I'm honestly rather fond of the picnic idea myself but the problem is we'd basically limited to Safeway. I guess we could always do takeout and bring it with us the park though as well...

Your concerns regarding space could also be resolved by perhaps splitting into different smaller sized groups to eat (if people have strong differences in regarding what they want for food) and then to meet up again afterwards.

I'll bring my Touhou UNO deck with me for sure though, and they'll be alot of awesome console/tabletop gaming in the game room afterwards.


Oh! Whoops! Probably worded that weirdly, but we don't have any gatherings that might share our spot with us. It seems that gatherings that are located at G7 can't be there now, thus must share with gatherings at G6. I don't think there is a gathering that is located there at our time slot. We're pretty much safe.


Hey guys! Fanime is coming up in less than two weeks!

I'm not sure if we have definite plans for the mini after-gathering party. I need more input on this... Bwaaah!!


I'll be attending as Youmu, Koumajou Densetsu version.

First time cosplaying as a Touhou, very excited ^_^

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Well, what we do know is that after the photoshoot is the Sky Arena tourney, and then after that we'll all break for food (what sort/etc to be determined there since we've gotten input from four/five people out of plus twenty will probably join up). I got some friends coming that don't go on the forum/haven't voted at all, and I'm sure more people who don't even the forums will tag along once they hear what's up. From there afterwards we could all hang out in the videogame room? That's my idea anyway, but besides having general ideas on what to eat and so forth I don't want to set anything too definitive as most of the people interested haven't offered any input, and though I'd imagine alot of them would be fine with whatever it doesn't hurt to wait.

The local community is really friendly and sociable, so I know we'll all have a great time together.


Hiya everyone! You can put me down as another Mokou.

I like the idea of the meet, but I'll probably have to sit out of the Sky Arena tournament since the P4U tournament is happening at the same time. I am still down to go out for foodstuffs and just hang out in the video game place. I've always wanted to meet more touhou fans in the bay area so this should be pretty boss!

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The Sky Arena bit just seems like a natural place to converge to afterwards, that and 4PM is probably a tad earlier to break for food. I'm not sure how long it is going to last. It had slightly more then thirty people who entered last year, and one set up (IIRC) so I'd assume at least a few hours if all the conditions are the same.

... this actually might give me time to squeeze in the TSS tourney, which is 5PM on the same day but I honestly hope that gets moved to Friday or Sunday.


Hey guys checking in as Yuyuko!


Youmu Konpaku, Can't promise that I would show up for the meeting.


YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be there in partial Suika Ibuki costume!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost everything is done but the chains......


Bryan here, I'm not sure whether I will cosplay Tokiko or Blue Reimu at the gathering.

PS - Touhou panel is Sunday 5pm in Panels 3

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Not going to have the cosplay ready for this go, but still running the after party for sure.

I'll be the guy with the Touhou bag, I guess.


Quote from: Gore Screaming Show on May 23, 2013, 09:25:13 PM
Not going to have the cosplay ready for this go, but still running the after party for sure.

I'll be the guy with the Touhou bag, I guess.

Same, cosplay is ready but due to disastrous complicated wig situations (my roommate leaving the wig he was giving me at home), I won't be cosplaying Yuyuko now :[ I'm pretty broken up about it but I'm gonna show up anyway~

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That was alot of fun.

Looking forward to seeing pictures and more touhous at the local gatherings throughout the year.