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Hi, I'm not sure is a fan falls under "weapon", but the person I'm cosplaying as has a bladed fan as her weapon. To be more specific it's Fiora Cavazza. I made the fan from a paper one u can get at like a dollar store, and its painted black with a printed design on it. no real blades or anything on it. Does it still need to be peace-bond because it's a weapon for the cosplay? Or is it OK because its just a fan?
Here is a posted pic if u need to judge it.

randomly i should kill u all with my awesome. yeah that sounds like good plan. but exactly what are the odds that assassins will win??? what's the ratio of assassins:templars? Because i hope its not 1000:1 that's called a glitch in the animus. END OF STORY.
 ;D sweet now another templar and I can both team up... I don't feel like I'm going to get teamed up on by all assassins...
ok so fiora and shaun(sadly) will b there...  ;D
ok so my friend is going as shaun 100%. if you need i could be rebecca but thats going to be my casual cosplay because i'm mostly going to be in fiora. so if its ok ill be fiora and shaun will be with me sadly...
Hey there! So I saw this post and I'm going to fanime this year with my AC cosplay as fiora Cavazza. So Im interested in the gathering. My friend is tagging along for another day as saun and I'll be rebbeca most likely so she doesn't feel left out XD but it would be great if you can reply asap. I would love to be part of the gathering!